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1280×720 Vs. 1920×1080: Comparison and Differences

With time there are many variations coming with TV vertical screen resolution.

In the latest scenario, there has been a lot of discussions among the users regarding the similarity and differences of the new 1280×720 and 1920×1080 resolutions.

1280×720 has a total of 921,600 pixels, which was the best display we could get but then 1920×1080 came in with a total of around 2,073,600 pixels.

1080p, or what we refer to as Full HD, looks better at a glance, but 720p isn’t that far behind in image quality and clearity, especially if one is using a smaller screen when compared.

Still figuring out or deciding which type of resolution to use is still challenging for many users. It’s much more complicated and the user is required to have full correct and accurate knowledge of both the resolutions.

1280×720 Resolution

 Just for the time when we all heard about the image resolution 1280×720 was the first HDTV at 720p. It was also the first resolution that got qualified for a high definition for our viewing standards.

Not only this , this resolution increased its customer satisfaction and raised the standard.

1280×720  is nothing but denies that the image has a total of 1280 vertical and 720 horizontal lines. After multiplying, we get a total of 921,600 pixels within the screen itself.  The “p” that we see here in 720p means progressive scanning that tells that screen is capable of drawing all of its pixels at the same time and it leads to creating the image.

The only thing with this resolution is that the smaller the screen is the clearer the picture is.

However, if the user is having and using a 720p TV, it still is the standard for HDTV.


Advantages And Disadvantages OF 1280X720


By seeing today’s standard, 921600 pixels is not considered bad. This is useful until one has a big giant screen to watch.

  • 1280×720 resolution requires less computing power to produce. This resolution makes it very easy and simple to render or run high definition videos without the need for a high-end computer with high consumption.
  • The user can get most of their screen’s real estate which means even today most of the content creators use this resolution in creating videos due to its quality and standard.
  • It’s the best choice for the one who has a small screen size. The real quality of this resolution comes out on the small screen only.
  • The user does not require to make many compromises or we can say any compromises to watch videos with good standards as this resolution is available at a cheap cost.


No doubt 720p is the best choice for maximum population but still not for all. There are people who look for a full HD screen.

  • The user does not get to enjoy the smoothness and comfort plus clearity of a full HD screen.
  • 1280×720 resolution TVs are a tough task to be found nowadays.
  • People consider it to be a second choice at times.

1920×1080 Resolution

This comes with two types or kinds of TVs which are 1080i and 1080p .

Initially 1080i was the standard one but now it has changed, as it shows only half of the frame.

1080p is what a full HD resolution is. It has more than twice the number of pixels almost from 720p.

It is also successful in providing smoother and clearer images.

The reason why people can enjoy such a comfortable experience is because of the number of its pixels.


  • With providing a smoother and best picture quality experience, the 1980×1080 resolution is also successful in many other advantages that it gives to its users. They are –
  • One can have a big gigantic screen without worrying about the picture quality or image degradation.
  • The image quality that one gets is incomparable and irreplaceable.


There are some reasons that make this resolution a bit of concern as well. They are-

  • At times there are cases that the programs that you’ll get from your cable providers may not support 1080p.
  • There is a high-end computer required to render in order to create 1080p videos.
  • The user is required to have a large screen if he/she wants to fully enjoy the picture quality provided by 1080p.

Apart from these, there is no doubt that 1080p has proved to give a luxury feeling to its users. One can now have a full HD experience just by sitting at home.


Comparison Between 1280X720 And 1920X1080 Resolution

1.   By Side

Signal / VideoProgressive ScanInterlacedProgressive
Horizontal Lines720Two 540 images interlaced together1080
Content CreationRequires above-average computers for renderingRequires high-end computers for renderingRequires high-end computers for rendering
AvailabilityMost cable and TV programs.Most cable and TV programsBlu-ray and game consoles

2.By Picture Quality

It is the most significant factor that any user looks for.

Undoubtedly 1920×1080 has better picture quality and the best till date.

3.  By Viewing Experiance

1920×1080 gives the best viewing experience to its users with all luxury feelings.

4.  By Content availability

720p is still used by many of the creators as a base for content creating such as videos as it is basic and useful. 720p remains to be the standard for HDTV gurantting to give a great viewing experience.


Both the resolutions are best at their own place. It’s on the users to decide according to their needs and demands and comfort which one to choose.