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FedEx (Federal Express), DELIVERY COMPANY, (www.fedex.com), Disgusted, absolutely sick. They knowingly let my son’s pet fish (after explaining he has special needs) die, instead of letting me pick it up at Romulus, because I tracked it there 10 minutes before closing – it took me 4 hours to get a trace. I was getting ‘updates’ assuring me it would show up today, it was on the road, etc., until a friend put a trace on it and discovered it had been taken back to Romulus after almost reaching my house within 1 mile. Apparently, he must have been called back because he was taking extra time. When I called Romulus and explained the situation to the supervisor, she at first denied the package ever got there. After a while, she relented and said it was there, but they took it to the warehouse for packages that couldn’t be delivered and it was closed. I was physically ill. I still am.