Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Smartphone

In recent times, almost everyone now has a smartphone. Smartphones are highly friendly devices, and most of them allow users to run apps, send texts, make phone calls, and connect to the internet.

Smartphones occupy a vital place in our day to day lives, no wonder many it is the first gadget most people look at in the morning, and the last people check before they sleep.

That said, smartphones make tasks faster and easier. Also, they can serve as an alarm, calendar, boredom reliever, and GPS tracker.

Although smartphones provide numerous benefits to their users, they also have their challenges. Here, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone to give you a better understanding.

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Advantages of Having a Smartphone

Easily Keep in Touch

Thanks to smartphones, you can easily connect with your family and friends anytime and anyway. You do not need to travel to stay in touch with people as you can use text messages, voice calls, and video calls, among others.

Even more, you can send videos and pictures; hence that can see and feel like being a part of your life. Smartphones have helped to shorten the distance between people.


Smartphones have helped to eliminate the era where you had to bother about securing your messages and letters from family, friends, and others.

Smartphones make it possible to store and secure all your information as most of the phones come with a variety of lock systems. Users have the option of protecting their information via code, a pin, your fingerprint, or a pattern.

The smartphone’s lock system now prevents people from intruding into your privacy without your permission. However, you need to ensure you use a unique password that cannot be easily predicted.

Access to Your Email and Social Media Networks

Years back, you will need a computer to send, reply to emails, and even access your social media handles. However, smartphones have now made it possible to carry out all those functions. It is now made it easier and faster as with just a few steps; you will access your social media platforms and emails.


Entertainment is yet another advantage of having a smartphone. Smartphones allow you to stream and watch movies, listen to music, install, and play various games.


Smartphones are capable of serving as GPS devices. A lot of these phones come with several apps that can be used for navigation when it comes to finding locations quickly. Whether you are driving or walking, you can get any directions you need. As a result, it saves you the stress and time involved in asking people for directions.

More so, most of the apps can show locations with high traffic jams and faster routes to take.

Disadvantages Having a Smartphone


Smartphones have now become a means of distraction to their users. A lot of people tend to operate their phones still while driving, cooking, and doing other activities. These acts are capable of endangering the lives of its users unless extra care is taken.

You will need to drop your phone and concentrate on the things you are doing. The items in your smartphone can wait, so do not risk your life. Due to these distractions, several organizations often limit the use of smartphones during work or official hours.

If you are in the midst of activity and your phone rings or beeps, it is capable of distracting you. To reduce these distractions, try to switch off your phones or put them on silent.

Privacy Endangered

Although we mentioned earlier that privacy is one of the advantages of having a smartphone, it can also be endangered. If your smartphone gets stolen, your stored information can become public. It would help if you locked your smartphone, and when it gets stolen, inform your service provider to deactivate it.

Since we can use our phones for online transactions and other confidential activities, your personal information can easily be accessed. You must be careful when handling your phone to avoid unauthorized access.

Health Issues

Health issues are another disadvantage of having a smartphone. Recently, there have been several discussions on whether a smartphone can cause health issues. Most smartphones emit radiofrequency energy, which is easily absorbed by tissues.

To reduce this risk, you must reduce the use of smartphones. Also, sleep deprivation is yet another effect heavy smartphone users experience. Even more, the overuse of smartphones can damage your eyes as it gives off HEV light, which is capable of causing damage to the retina.

Final Words

In all, smartphones have numerous benefits as it has helped to make life easier. However, it is vital to have it in mind that it has some disadvantages too.

We advise you to make use of your smartphone with moderation to reduce the risk of the negative effects.

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