How to Buy a Best Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker Right Now

The best smartwatches or fitness trackers are not only elegant but also work faultlessly to control apps, track fitness, deliver notifications, and communicate directly from your wrist. 

There’s been significant progress in the number of brands manufacturing smartwatches and fitness trackers. As a result, buying the best smartwatch or fitness tracker is now a bit difficult as there are several styles, designs, and colors to choose from.

However, we have carefully prepared a detailed guide on how to buy the best smartwatch or fitness tracker right now to help you.

Let’s now consider them in more detail:

Fitness Tracking

Although some smartwatches come with several exercise-logging features like fitness trackers, others come with advanced features like having heart-rate monitors and GPS to help you track your running route even without your phone.

It would be best if you considered a watch that comes with more advanced fitness tracking features when purchasing a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Built-in Heart-Rate Monitor

The ability of your smartwatch to measure your heart-rate is essential to your ability to monitor your overall fitness levels. The best smartwatches and fitness trackers should be able to measure your heart-rate all through the day. It should be able to notify you about when you have reached your active heart-rate zone.

Additionally, some watches can analyze the time required for your heart to return to a state of rest after exercise.

Good battery Life

Just like other smart devices, the importance of battery life can never be overemphasized. Most fitness trackers and smartwatches make use of a rechargeable battery, but how long it lasts differs from model to model.

You must consider this feature before buying a smartwatch, as you would not want your device to go off while having your workout or jugging. Also, the features of your smartwatch affect its battery life. Smartwatches and fitness trackers with a heart-rate monitor, large screens, and other advanced sensors are more likely to drain the battery quickly.


Wi-Fi is a feature that will help you to avoid having to always rely on your smartphone network for internet connection. If the smartwatch has a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to connect to your local network and hence use several online functions as well as receive notifications.

Internal Storage

Internal storage is another feature to consider if you want to buy the best smartwatch or fitness tracker. While most smartwatches come with reasonably large memory, you must check to confirm it has at least 4GB of storage space.

Ample storage will allow you to download several new apps, but it will also allow you to store music that you can listen to will running or working out.


If you want a smartwatch or fitness tracker that you can use beyond your regular sporting purposes for contactless payments, they must ensure it has a near-field communication (NFC) feature. Additionally, you can look for the magnetic secure transmission (MST) feature as it will allow you to make payments at various credit card terminals.


Due to the nature of the function that smartphones and fitness trackers play, the place of accuracy cannot be downplayed. The watch must be able to measure accurately, and count steps, calorie, distance traveled, and heart-rate.

The watch must be consistent in accurately tracking several functions. Otherwise, it will not be able to provide accurate data about your various fitness improvements.

Built-in GPS

Generally, smartwatches are designed to work with the GPS feature on your phone. But, if you are someone who likes to exercise outside without having to carry your smartphone, you will need to look for a smartwatch with an integrated GPS.

A fitness tracker or smartwatch with GPS will help you to track your distance and route while your smart device is at home.


Before you buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker, you must ensure that it is at least splash-proof and preferably IP67 or IP68-certified for dipping in water. However, this does not automatically mean it is suitable for swimming. Swimming capability is measured in atmospheres.

4G Connectivity

The 4G connectivity also refers to LTE, and cellular connectivity allows you to text, make, and receive calls without your phone close to you. However, you must realize that connectivity affects the battery life of your watch. 

Final Words

In all, smartwatches and fitness trackers are great gadgets you should own. Since there are several brands and models of smartwatches in the market, we have provided you with a guide on how to buy the best smartwatch or trackers. This guide will help you to make the best buying decision.

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