How To Keep Your Business Social Media Account Secure?

In a world dominated by social media accounts, digital transactions, and cybercrimes, it is only natural that you would want to keep your business account on such platforms completely safe! 

Social media hackers not only hack your social media profiles in order to use the information but also for several other fraudulent purposes. You and your customers might lose their money in case your business’s social media account which also promotes sales gets hacked. 

It can be really dangerous. To get a detailed insight we will recommend you watch the documentary, The Great Hack. This movie is based on the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. You can download the film from the pirate bay for free.  

But the question is how do you keep your social media secure? 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. 

How To Keep Your Business Social Media Account Secure?

So without wasting any more, scroll down and find out how to keep your business social media accounts secure. 

1. Always Update Your Apps:

When you come across the “update now” notification once in a while on your device, do not ignore it. App creators often come up with new updates for fixing bugs and improving the application’s security. But unfortunately, it’s relatively easy for most hackers to get inside profiles that are outdated simply because the protection level is low.

This is exactly why it’s vital for businesses to update their apps regularly and keep their accounts safe and secure. 

2. Limit Access To Your Accounts:

Just because your company has business accounts on different social media platforms, it doesn’t mean your employees should have any access. It’s best to trust your social media team or someone who is responsible for managing the accounts. 

When access is not limited to a few people, it can often lead to confusion and mismanagement, making your socials vulnerable to hacking. Limiting the responsibility of social media to only some members at least ensures security and privacy from outsiders.

3. Use A Strong Password And Switch On 2 Factor Authentication:

When you open a business account on social media, it’s critical that you keep your login credentials as strong and secure as possible. During the whole sign-up process, try to pick a password that’s complicated and difficult for anyone to replicate. 

Secure SMBs rely on strong passwords, which include 15 characters or even more, and a blend of lower and upper letters, numbers, and even symbols. Then, after you have established your account, switch on your two-factor authentication.

This will help your business accounts on social networking platforms, an additional protection layer against cyber crimes.

4. Avoid Logging In With Some Links:

It is smart to be cautious of random links and unknown invitations on any social media platform. One of the oldest tricks is sending fake or spam links to lure people into providing their login credentials. 

Always avoid logging into your accounts with some link that somebody shared with you – you never know, this link can include bugs for stealing information from your account.

Sometimes these bugs can also be disguised as a personality quiz or a fun survey, or a short poll about your company. Whatever the situation may be, be cautious and don’t end up sharing away login information.  

5. Keep Your Business Network Secure:

While it is important to keep your entire business network protected and secure, it is also one way of ensuring that your socials remain safe. Always update and use antivirus software solutions for both your computer devices and internet connection. 

Additionally, you can also keep your business network safe by changing things like the default login and admin name. Also, make sure you are choosing a password that’s tricky for the network, especially while setting up your VPN. 

6. Use WiFi That’s Private:

If you don’t want to end up becoming some cybercrime victim, it is best to invest in a Wi-Fi network that’s private, especially for your business. 

After all, the dangers of signing into business socials with the help of some internet network that’s public are just too many – and the worst part? Most of us have no clue about how harmful these networks can prove to be!

It is essential that you make it a point to check your business accounts on social networking sites are actually using private Wi-Fi. While commuting, you can always take the help of a Wi-Fi hotspot that’s portable. 

And It’s A Secure Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about keeping your business accounts on social media secure, what are you waiting for? 

Instead of wasting time, change that weak password and switch on two-factor authentication! In fact, people are getting hacked left, right, and center these days – so protecting your account is a major step!

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