Cannabis Business Social Network

Know the Top Cannabis Business Social Network for 2021

Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Industry is basically composed of legal cultivators and producers, consumers, some independent industry standard bodies, ancillary products/services, regulators, and researchers concerning and focusing on cannabis and its industrial derivative, hemp.

This industry has been inhibited by regulatory restrictions for most of the current history, but the legal market has emerged rapidly and constantly as more & more f=governments legalize medical and adult use.

The first country to legalize recreational marijuana through legislation was Uruguay in December,2013

Undoubtedly the Cannabis Market has shown great and steller growth over and in the past few years.

This industry is largely supported and favored by a regulatory framework which has become a major reason for the upward trajectory of this industry and associated businesses.

There is a certain age for using Cannabis. In the US, adults above 21 years can use Cannabis for the purpose of recreation. Out of 50, around 11 US states have entirely decriminalized the consumption and ownership of cannabis. Simultaneously 33 states allowed medical marijuana for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

For the people who are already working in this industry, it is known that this field has a huge amount of competition, where 20,000 businesses being alone in the US.

For a very long time, the Cannabis industry has wandered in the wilderness of technological antiquity and was lacking in seizing business opportunities that were readily available for other sectors.

But with recent wholesale strategic shifts towards embracing the internet, and all its unfiltered open-source glory, and the usefulness of social platforms, the industry has managed to seize opportunities and made a path of growth for itself.

cannabis business social network

Here are some top social networks that might help the users to have a successful Cannabis Business

1.   Weedlife

Weedlife is one of the most popular social platforms for cannabis enthusiasts and similar businesses. Also, weedlife has become the homepage for cannabis users on the internet.


  • One can connect and interact with fellow cannabis enthusiasts and other businesses.
  • There is stay abreast at the latest trends and ongoing demands and also the user can stay in touch with market innovations and new demands.
  • One can join different groups and fan pages as well.
  • You can share photos, videos, and experiences with the people who understand the topic and what you’re talking about.
  • There is also a platform available for debates, discussion, and talks with the other cannabis users on one of the most active marijuana forums.
  • Huge gain insight into science and strains.
  • There is also review of products and recommend dispensaries available.

2.   Leafware

This is a new entry in this field but has shown a quick growth and has successfully become a favorite among the cannabis business community.


  • Provides a professional platform that is intended to connect the investors and alike business owners.
  • Gives chance for business owners to access pool of interested investors and venture capitalists.
  • Allows investors to make early inroads into businesses in a potentially explosive sector or field.
  • This marketplace allows the companies and employees to find the right person and place to work with, just like/similar to Linkedin
  • The user can anytime learn about the industry, new techniques of work, products, and trends from some of the foremost and best experts in the field.

3. Cannasos

This acts like a Cannabis directory where the user can read through a database of different and various marijuana strains, allows to find various products and nearby dispensaries as well as can get all answers to cannabis-related questions.


  • Gives a massive and large database of cannabis strains with detailed and explained information on their effects and other related attributes.
  • One can find products and dispensaries filtered to their specific choices and demands.
  • It’s a fast and vast growing industry/community with around 50,000 visitors monthly.
  • One can join various groups for detailed discussions.
  • Very attractive and user friendly platform.
  • Can get answers to all questions in relation to what the platform provides.
cannabis business social network

4.   Massroots

This is one of the oldest yet the most used platforms in the industry.

It is more of a yelp/trust-pilot kind of a platform where one can review and rate products/dispensaries according to experience and choice and can share videos and pictures regarding the same.


  • The user can rate and review different products/strains provided by cannabis.
  • One can anytime share pictures and videos and also the experience regarding different products and dispensaries.
  • This help the user to gain knowledge and access to a wise database of regulated dispensaries.
  • There is always a privacy focused social platform available.
  • Users can list their business/dispensaries while gaining insight into the user’s engagement, analytics and feedback anytime.

At Last

If you are venturing into this industry then it is best advised to take a social platform for the growth and development of your business.

There are videos available to make th user learn about cannabis marketing and the user can see it anytime to learn about the same.