What is a web development framework?

What is a web development framework?

Don’t you agree that with powerful tools life is much easier? This is what frameworks do for web developers – make their job (and life) easier. Web development frameworks can be applied for any websites to modify them with a standardized set of design & development solutions. As a matter of fact, frameworks are highly … Read more

Top 5 Marketing Automation Platforms for your Business

Marketing is an inevitable part of every business. Running a successful marketing campaign requires rigorous efforts and involves a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks on a day-to-day basis. But what if you could put all these activities on autopilot? Marketing automation gives you complete control of your marketing campaigns and allows you to automate … Read more

What is the purpose of LEI?


LEI, which stands for Legal Entity Identifier, is a 20-digit number or code that allows legal entities engaged in monetary transactions to be identified clearly and uniquely. Large corporations, businesses, and organizations require LEIs to meet their reporting standards under financial decree and directives. LEIs are particularly important for identifying and consolidating market data, which … Read more