Choose the Right Camera for Your Video Conference

With the rise in technological advancements, the way and manner conferences are done have also changed. Today video conference has become a household name in offices, schools, and other sectors too.

However, webinars and video conferences’ success largely depends on the type of gadgets and technology you are using. All efforts and preparation put into planning any event or meeting will be a waste if the devices used for the conference are below par. 

You will need to put in as much effort as you put in finding a great speaker in getting the right camera for your video conferencing. So, how do you choose the right camera for your video conference?

Follow me as we discuss those factors you must consider when choosing the right camera for your video conference.

1.      Ease of Use

When it comes to video conferencing, time is a vital resource. A good camera for video conferencing should be one that is easy to use and will not require any form of technical know-how however, you can also give a read to Camera Users Manuals. The camera should be easy to set up, connect, adjust, and control without any hassle.

2.      Resolution

You would not want to have your presentation ns looking so blurry. As a result, it is essential to choose a camera with excellent resolution. For quality video conferences, cameras with a 1080p HD resolution as it provides a sharp and clear display.

Although the 1080p resolution is much better, you can also go for a more common resolution of 720p. Such resolutions will make your video conference sharp; it will also provide the viewers with a great viewing experience.

3.      Wide Angle Lens

You would not want your presentation footage to occupy over half of the video screen. A camera with a wide-angle lens helps the camera to capture a better viewing angle for participants on a remote meeting.

Cameras with a narrow-angle lens usually allow for only about two (2) to three (3) team members to fit in view. A wide-angle lens will allow more team members to fit in; it will also prevent them from having to pack themselves tightly side by side.

4.      360° Functionality

A camera with 360 functionality means that the camera can rotate completely. It will ensure that the camera can capture all angles of the conference hall. Also, it creates a natural meeting experience.

Additionally, this feature allows the camera to capture the presence of everyone present at the meeting. Hence, those present at the conference hall will not have to move or adjust the camera before they are captured, thus making the session even more productive.

5.      Highlight Active Participants

The ability to view the faces of all participants in the conference is not enough. A good conferencing app should be able to highlight those participants that are activated automatically.

Thanks to integrating microphones, the camera will separate the active speaker’s sound from that of other participants. Also, the camera should be able to zoom in on the active speaker effortlessly.

6.      All-in-One Audio, Speakers and Video

A video conferencing camera must be able to combine both audio, speakers, and video features. Cameras that come without such features will require the conference host to spend up to 20 minutes on setting up.

Additionally, you need to look for a camera with a plug and play compatibility, which means it will connect and start to work in just a few seconds.

7.      Full Visual of the Room

The right camera for video conferencing should be one that can allow other members in the hall and other remote members to view the whiteboard. Although it might not be initially intended for that, it is one of the characteristics of a good video conferencing camera. Such features help to make the video conference more engaging.


In conclusion, technology has revolutionized the way webinars, meetings, and conferences are conducted. This has helped to make meetings and conferences easy and convenient.

However, it will be challenging to conduct a successful conference without a good video conferencing camera. We have provided you with all the details you need to choose the right camera for your video conference.

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