Creative channel on YouTube : how to create an account and promote your art

Youtube is officially recognized as the largest video hosting by the number of active users. Millions of people from 88 countries visit the site every day. For most advanced Internet users, YouTube has become an analogue of television. With the introduction of technology into our lives, a lot has changed, and now you don’t need to scroll through TV channels to find the content you are interested in. It is enough to go to the hosting and choose a video from a variety of channels on different topics.

A special niche is occupied by the authors of channels on a creative topic. Musicians, singers, artists, sculptors and many other talented people promote work using YouTube. In recent years, such creative channels have begun to enjoy particular popularity. Someone gets involved in art, some are interested in details about a career, and others just want to enjoy watching the creation of masterpieces. By promoting your creativity on the platform, you have the opportunity to find new fans or keep in touch with those who have been watching you for a long time, as well as communicate with other artists. If you are not a popular creator, do not despair, you can find fame thanks to YouTube. By launching a channel about your creativity , you get access to a more than 1.5 million audience, and among them there are definitely people who will be interested in you. 

So, how do you  set up a channel?

The name of the profile. First of all, you need to decide under what name you want to develop your channel. As a nickname, you can specify your alias or real name. The nickname should reflect the essence of the channel to make it easier for users to find you.

Description. Write a couple of suggestions about who you are, what you do, what your videos are about and what projects you are engaged in. Tell users about your direction in creativity. If something changes, you can change the description at any time.

The avatar of the page. It is important to choose a photo that will show that you are a creative person. Use the attributes of your profession in the frame, for example, a microphone or brushes. You must be in the frame so that potential subscribers will remember your appearance.

Trailer. The first video that users will see is located at the top of the screen. You can use it as a welcome video in which you will talk about the channel and your skills. Over time, when there is a lot of content in the profile, you will be able to replace the greeting with the most popular video of the channel.

Interesting formats of content :

Reviews of favorite products. Take a review of recent purchases, tell us about your favorite tools. This is a great opportunity for your fans to learn about new products from a professional point of view. And advertisers, seeing that you are doing high-quality reviews, will want to sign an advertising contract.

Frame-by-frame shooting. Users like to watch how masterpieces are created. Make a video where you will show the creative process from beginning to end. Such a content often becomes popular because people are interested not only in the subject of art, but also in the process of its creation.

Educational videos. Some of the most viral videos on the platform start with the word “how”. Therefore, if you feel that you have something to teach the townsfolk, take the opportunity to get the first subscribers in this way. If you decide to regularly release educational content, people who want to do art will start following the updates of the channel.

When your channel is ready to use, and you have published a couple of high-quality videos, you should start to promote your page.

Determine your budget. If you are not ready to spend money effectively promoting the channel, use free methods. Like and comment on other popular videos, post links to your videos on other social networks, ask family and friends to support your channel with thumbs up and subscription. Use keywords and tags that viewers can use to find you. Communicate with people, at the end of the video ask the user to support you, like and subscribe to the channel. You can also place a request in writing using the interactive panel.

If you are willing to pay for quick audience engagement, arrange for advertising from an artist or buy real youtube subscribers. Which of these options to choose depends only on the amount you are willing to spend. Both methods are effective and will increase activity on the page, but buying subscribers will be cheaper than advertising from a popular blogger.

Your art  can win the hearts of millions of people if you start actively promoting your creative channel on YouTube. Take advantage of the opportunities that have appeared with the advent of social networks. Combine ways of promotion, try yourself in new formats, be yourself. Good luck in your creative endeavors!

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