Why is DasHost.Exe Causing High CPU Load on Windows 10

What is DasHost.exe ?

The true and genuine dasHost.exe file is a type of software component of Microsoft Windows powered by Microsoft.

As you know Microsoft windows is an operating system,DasHost.exe here runs the device association framework provider host that helps in connecting and pairing both wired and wireless devices with Windows OS.

This is considered an important and essential windows file and should not be removed unless and until it is known to create some major problems in the device.

DasHost stands for DEVICE ASSOCIATION HOST. The .exe extension present on the filename indicates that it is an executable file.

Executable files at times may harm your device, therefore the user should carefully select it.

Device Association Framework Provider- It is a Microsoft Windows process, and is basically a framework which helps to connect and pair wired and wireless devices with the operating system. The task manager of a laptop/PC will display a separate and distinct process for each connected device.

DasHost.exe is located in the – C:\Windows\System32 folder.

The program has no visible window and is a Microsoft signed file.


Virus with the File Name

There are many questions about the fact that is dasHost.exe a virus?

The answer to this is NO.  The true dasHost.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called, “ Device association framework provider host”.

However, the writers of Malware programs like viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name to skip or escape detection of any kind.

In general, there is only one and true dasHost.exe file that one’s computer needs in order to successfully pair their devices, so any other than that if anyone finds aren’t actually necessary, and can easily and safely be removed either manually or using a malware cleaning tool.

File Location

The true location for dasHost.exe is actually one only rest all shown are faulty.

  • STEP 1. Firstly search for the file location of dashost.exe. The original and true file will exist here – C:\Windows\System32 location only.
  • STEP 2. If the dashost.exe file is shown for belonging to somewhere else or other location then definitely it is a malware.
  • Also the user should take care of the fact that if the file found in the user profile directory then it shows/indicates that the malware has already entered the computer system or PC.

File Size

Typically the dashost.exe does not require much space. It only requires a space of up to 10 MB.

In case the size of the file exceeds this given limit then it is definitely a virus in the system.

The user should surely do necessary checks once they come across this virus or problem of this type.

System Lag

At most of the times we cannot determine or identify the malware by the checks prescribed, so we need to check the performance of the system wisely and cleverly.

One needs to notice whenever they connect and device to their computer systems. Is it taking much time to install?

If the answer to this is yes, then there is an urgent need to check and examine the computer. There are also chances that your computer system will freeze, or it will lag automatically as the computer is turned on.

If yes, then it can be easily presumed that there is high chances of having malware installed on the computer system.


CPU Capicity

Usually, dashost.exe does not use more than 1-3% (approx.) of CPU capability.

But if it is using more than 40% then there is a high need to check involvement of malware in the system of the user.

Errors Caused by Dashost.exe Windows10,8,7 and XP

Multiple hackers manipulate the executable files as their key to enter our systems which ends in resulting many errors.

As soon as malware enters the system, it corrupts the file and eats up all the data. Also in order to get in the defined location that is system 32 folder, it manipulates, corrupts or deletes original files so that even after the multiple processes one fails to identify the actual and real problem with the system.

However the system always alerts its users whenever there is any malware problem in it by popping up or showing the following messages :

  • Dashost.exe file is missing.
  • Dashost.exe file not working properly.
  • Dashost.exe : file not found.
  • Dashost.exe file not loaded.

The system will also automatically get turned on and if you are getting a message regarding the error or corrupt dashost.exe file then kindly immediately solve the problem by troubleshooting it with measures.

Cause of High CPU Usage

Many users have reported the problem that multiple Device Association Framework Provider Host ends up in eating up almost all the resources of the system. There are also cases where dashost.exe takes up over 70% of the CPU capability.

This problem arises because the actual capacity of cpu to take load is of around 1-3%, if this limit exceeds then there comes pressure on the CPU leading to high problems.

Also the reason for this becasure people connect devices to CPUs that have outdated drivers.