5 Top Education Apps Changing the Future of Learning

In recent times, COVID-19 has changed the way many industries operate; the education sector included. In fact, lockdown restrictions have made it difficult for educators to teach children in the traditional sense. With classrooms closed, there has been a scramble to find effective solutions to the current crisis.

As such, this scenario has led to new opportunities for education app companies to use modern technology and change the future of the classroom. In fact, EdTechXGlobal recently reported that the market value of educational technology would reach $252 billion worldwide this year. As such, there has never been a better time for tech-centric entrepreneurs to build an education app.

This article will be looking at some of the trendsetters in this sector and how they are leading the way in terms of innovative technology and digital-based learning.

Esme Learning

Esme Learning utilizes group collab technologies invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and hopes to innovate online learning for university students and business professionals.

Powered by Riff, this cloud-based video chat platform combines learning science with AI tech to keep students focused on materials designed to help them get ahead in the business world. With industry-leading content, Esme Learning is enhancing engagement and retention among all users.


Tutorful is a UK-based Education app

Tutorful is a UK-based app that serves as a game-changing digital marketplace for parents to book local tutors for face-to-face and online tuition. The start-up covers over 300 subjects and serves students from primary school to PhD level.

Since Tutorful was launched in 2015, more than 100,000 users have taken over one million lessons. In addition, this app provides video conferencing tools, as well as document sharing and whiteboard functions.

Last year, Tutorful earned a £3.2m investment to grow its services across the country.


Outschool is an online platform that provides live lessons between educators and children from the ages of three to 18. The app covers most traditional subjects such as maths, art, Spanish, and reading. Additionally, the app also supports extracurricular activities included Minecraft and Pokemon classes.

During the pandemic, Outschool saw a massive increase in demand as parents looked for new and fun ways to educate their children.

While Outschool does not reveal revenue numbers, it has received $12m in funding from numerous US venture capital firms like Reach Capital and Union Square Ventures.


online learning Education Apps

While many online learning apps tackle traditional subjects, Skoove appeals to the increasing desire of people who want to improve their musical talents.

Coming out of Berlin, Skoove has advertised itself as “the easiest way to learn piano”, providing fun and interactive lessons, sheet music, and hand position guidance.

Thanks to lockdown, over one million members have used Skoove’s software to sync up with their keyboards and help them hit notes more accurately.

In April, Skoove received €3 million in funding round to expand its business and reach new North America and Europe markets.

Firefly Learning

Firefly is yet another start-up that has seen its popularity rise in recent times. In fact, the company’s member numbers now exceed one million in 40 countries. In addition, the Firefly app is being used in more than 500 schools across the United Kingdom, helping students and teachers alike plan homework and marking.

Interestingly, Firefly also gives a website to each school, which teachers can use to plan their lessons, share content and run extracurricular societies. While this puts the app in direct competition with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom, it is still thriving amongst its large collection of users.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous EdTech companies making waves in the online world. Now more than ever, people are clamouring for accessible ways to learn and receive educational content. Indeed, there is a gap in the market for innovative learning techniques, and companies like Builder.ai can help you build an education app that fills that space.

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