Florida Man April 5

Florida man mistakes 66-year-old tourist for car

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida man is behind bars after mistaking a 66-year-old tourist with Parkinson’s disease for a car thief.

Kevin Mena, a 21-year-old Orlando native, is charged with battery and battery aggravated charges on a person 65 years of age or older. Authorities said Mena saw a man pull the handle of his SUV’s door at a shopping center in southern Orange County on Sunday. Video footage shows Mena violently pushing the victim’s head through the door. The victim, a 66-year-old South Carolina man with Parkinson’s disease, mistook Mena’s SUV for his daughter’s car. She found her father with blood around his mouth near the car.

Mena reportedly said he thought the victim was trying to steal his jeep. He left the scene, but was soon arrested.

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