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Florida Man January 22

January 22 Florida man wanted to prove independence to mom

(Gray News) – A Florida man wanted to prove to his mother that he could be independent.

If she wants to see him now, she will have to visit him at the Sumter County Jail.

Hassan Alexander Campbell, 23, is charged with attempted robbery, battery, escaping and escaping after trying to detain a Circle K gas station on January 17.

The store clerk refused to give out cash. Another client fought him for a while before he escaped.

MPs from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office discovered he was heading south on Interstate 75. They chased him to Sumter County, where local MPs disabled his car.

MPs said that after they took him into custody, Campbell asked for a lawyer.

“He then stated that he was just trying to figure out himself and that his motive was to try to prove to his mother that he was ‘independent’ and could take care of himself,” MPs said in a post on the Marion County Sheriff’s Channel. On a Facebook page, according to MPs, Campbell said that he tried to meet with a relative and go to a strip club.