Florida Man January 3

January 3 Florida man, angry over straw, attacks McDonald’s

ST. SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida (WFTS / CNN) – A Florida resident is accused of assaulting a McDonald’s employee, reportedly through a straw. Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, spent New Year’s Day in jail on charges of two cases of simple beating and beating following a jail incident. St. Petersburg, Florida, McDonald’s.

Police say the video shows Taylor pulling McDonald’s employee Yasmine James across the counter by the shirt.

Brenda Biandudi recorded the video and watched the fight quickly escalate.

“Even if she’s at work, you know if there is a limit to how much these employees can take,” Biandudi said.

Brother Biandudi posted the video on his Facebook account. It started when Taylor walked over to the condiment bar to pick up a straw, she said. He shouted and walked to the counter, and the girl behind the counter told him that now it is the law that we are not allowed to keep a straw in the lobby, ”Biandudi said.

This law really exists.

Since January 1, city officials have told restaurants that they can no longer leave plastic straws on the counter and by 2020 they will no longer be allowed to hand out them.

Biandudi says Taylor refused to accept this answer

“She had to do it … She’s a little girl, and, you know, I just felt that she did the right thing,” Biandudi said.

Police say Taylor kicked another officer in the stomach as he was leaving. McDonald’s did not allow employees to speak to local media, but sent a statement that said, “The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is always our top priority. in our restaurants.

Biandudi is glad her video helped police catch Taylor.

According to local media reports, James is still at McDonald’s.

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