Florida Man July 15

July 15 A 71-year-old man tied a gun to a weather balloon to fake his own murder, police say

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department’s first murder investigation in 2018 began in late January – quite early in the year given that Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is essentially a 50,000-person golf course the annual homicide count rarely fails. one.

At first, the case was conducted according to books.

Victim: Alan J. Abrahamson. Favorite man, according to friends and family. Allegedly happy, according to the same.

“Alan was an avid golfer, loved to travel and loved life,” reads his obituary at the Palm Beach Post. “He woke up every morning with a smile on his face and everyone adored him.”

Abrahamson lived in a $ 900,000 home, at the gates of a luxury country club, within walking distance of the ocean and all the amenities a 71-year-old man could use. He owned the house with his wife Linda (“soul mates,” a family friend said to the police). He had children, foster children and foster grandchildren. He did not have any serious medical problems that the police knew about. There are no known enemies either.

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