Florida Man July 25

ᐉᐉᐉJuly 30 A Florida man was upset that a woman didn’t want to try vape pen

St. Augustine: A Florida man, upset that a woman didn’t want to try his vape pen, was arrested after pointing a gun at a woman.

The clash reportedly took place Friday morning at McDonald’s at 1 US Street in St. Augustine, where the woman works, according to the arrest report. She was out of business when a stranger approached her and asked if she wanted to punch his vape, but she turned down the offer.

“Are you serious bro?” the stranger said incredulously. She said the next thing she knew was that he would lift his shirt to see a pistol tucked into his belt. Then, as she told the MPs, he pulled out a pistol and said, “Now what? What’s new? “Before leaving.

The MPs spoke with a second victim who had a similar meeting. He said the stranger flashed the gun after refusing to try the man’s vape pen. But this time, the victim warned the stranger to remove the weapon, otherwise it would be used against him.

The suspect was soon found at a nearby business. The deputies said that the woman recognized him at the sight and recognized the weapon, a .45 caliber pistol, just like what she was shown earlier.

Police identified the suspect as Kyle McGill Walker. He was incarcerated in St. John’s County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with deadly weapons with no intent to kill.

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