How to Use Groovy Bot – The Best Music Bot for Discord

How to install the groovy music bot onto your server and use it along with what features it offers for premium users so that you can provide streaming music to all of your members if they jump in to whatever music channel they use to set up for this spot. So it’s as easy as adding the bot and then start using the commands. Follow this steps

The first time you open the website , click this purple slash pink button to add groovy to the trooper cobras layer and then you have to authorize that. This does require you to have either ownership or admin privileges on a given server. Then it says “hey thank you for inviting groovy” and then it tells you about basic usage that commands what they offer for premium and then you can go jump into the community groovy server to talk to people about how to use the bot and what else it might be able to do. 

So let’s talk about basic usage of groovy bot. So all of you going to do with groovy bot is to tell it to play some music with Dash play and then you link it to a song or you tell it to search for something and then it will play it in the side of whatever channel you happen to be in.  At the time and you have got up all of those different commands here allow us to control it in different ways so just jump in to your discord and search for something. Go ahead and grab some royalties free music and you’re going to go ahead and play around with it inside your server. Go to your server settings and go to rolls and you’ve got this bot roll so you will be able to find groovy down here in our bottles and you have to add the bot roll to groovy because that allows you to see what bots are active on the server so that you can use them at your Alesia.

So you got rhythm which is the typical music bot, and then we’ve got groovy. So jump into the tutorial help channel and then you will simply say dash play space is royalty free music that you found and then now you can hear that the bot is playing. And then you can add additional videos to that list. So go back to YouTube and just grab whatever is free. And then you can throw that into the queue. And that will automatically start to play these in order just like any other bot. And then you can say dash queue at any time and it’ll tell you what is in the queue. So that’s really all you got to do to get this working and then if you go to the website you can see the entire list of commands you can play something or you can play something and you can search for it at the same time. 

You can see what’s in the queue. You can skip something with the next command.  You can go back to the previous command with dash back. You can clear a song from the queue, you can jump to a specific title in the queue you can loop a certain song, you can get the lyrics if they’re available. You can post a resume, remove something from the list, remove a range from like 1 to 7 of the songs you can shuffle them. You know all this stuff is available for you and if you ever need to customize any of these you want to be careful about who has the ability to adjust certain settings or be able to skip things they even have a command down there lets you modify the different permissions and all of that is explained for you here on the server. 

So I think this is actually really handy. And if you want to pay for premium this but when you pay like what is it 4 bucks a month or server six bucks a month or global it allows you to control the volume so you can make sure by default it’s not your shattering Lee loud you can add different audio effects if you want to make it like coral to speed it up, you can add it so that it’s playing 24/7 so it’s always on. People can always jump into the music channel and hear something playing and you can save the playlist your queue for later. So that’s how groovy works.

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