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At the moment, the smartwatch is only as good as the phone it’s paired with. With the latest upgrades on the smartphone, wristwatches have now become slightly more than fashion statements, if they are worn. You can verify this by asking for the time during the day. Most likely, they will check their phones to tell you what the time is over their wrist.

However, smartwatches may revitalize interest in wristwatches. These smartwatches are capable of operating either in combination with smartphones apps or independently. It allows the user to play music, ask Google questions, track personal activity, and so much more. 

The smartwatch requires a WIFI connection to do all of these. Here we will examine the Holographic Tech: The future of smartwatch and how it works. 

What Can You Do with A Smartwatch?

The way smartwatches functions vary, depending on its model and features. A cheap smartwatch comes with the basic built-in features with no way to download other additional apps. On the other hand, higher-end models are customizable and can download from app libraries.

Here are the possible uses of smartwatches: 

  • It can quickly receive notifications from your phone.
  • It helps you view incoming text messages. 
  • You can accept or reject calls from the watch’s touchscreen.
  • Smartwatches now allow you to give voice commands to Google.
  • It helps you to navigate with the GPS and aids you to set reminders.
  • You can use this smartwatch to set fitness goals as well as track your fitness progress. 
  • It acts as a remote to help you play music on your smartphone. 
  • It helps you play music which you downloaded onto watch via Bluetooth speakers.
  • You can find your missing phone as it helps you trigger phone ringtones. 
  • It helps you watch videos even though the size is limited. 
  • Ultimately, you can use it to tell time. 

How Does A Smartwatch Work? 

For now, most smartwatches act as add-on accessories to your smartphones or tablet. These smartwatches need to be connected to a mobile device to have internet capabilities, even with their unique features.

You can accomplish the smartwatch cellular connectivity in two ways. You use Bluetooth to pair it with your mobile device or establish a smartphone and smartwatch WIFI connection.  

If you opt for the WIFI option, your watch can connect to any saved WIFI settings on your smartphone. If you pair the two devices using Bluetooth, you need to keep your phone within twenty or thirty feet to maintain the smartwatch cellular connectivity. 

Do You Need A Smartphone to Use A Smartwatch? 

For most smartwatches, they require that you pair them to a WIFI enabled smartphone or tablet for online functions. If you are using the Android device, your phone must be android 4.3 (KitKat) or must have a modern operating system to function.

For natural linking of these smartwatches with your iPhones, you require an iPhone that is older than iPhone 5 and has an iOS 8.2 or higher operating system. If the smartwatch cellular connectivity is not enabled, you can only access a limited set of features. However, the watch can still function as an activity tracker, timer, alarm, and a watch. 

Will Smartwatches Replace Smartphones? 

Presently, it is highly unlikely that the smartwatch can replace the smartphone. It comes with limited functionalities, a small screen, and a battery quality that can’t replace the smartphone. Hence, it is useless when compared to the smartphone. 

Back in the early 1990s, only a few people predicted that smartphones would become famous. But at the moment, it is a dominant piece of technology across the world. Therefore, smartwatches can replace smartphones in the nearest future. 

However, it can only happen if the watches can match or exceed these smartphones when it comes to general performance and convenience. Otherwise, smartwatches will remain as exciting accessories to people.


The truth is that smartwatches can replace smartphones in the nearest future. However, it will take the smartwatches company a lot of ideas to make this possible.

We hope that our article on the Holographic Tech: The Future of Smartwatch has not only explained the chances of these watches in the nearest futures but also brief you on how it functions.

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