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Know All About How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft

Redstone Clock is certain circuits which send a signal forever at specific intervals. The time between the intervals can be set by the player either specifically and accurately or very roughly. Clocks are very useful for regulating mechanisms, like an automatic farm or perhaps even doors opening in an area or your server for 10 minutes every hour.

There are a number of clocks that can be used and pretty much for the same purpose, though some have a higher interval between signals which means they’re not really suited for jobs that require a lot of short-term repetition.

The other circuits could be expanded to make some longer intervals, but this will usually make those circuits unnecessarily long.

Some of the clocks are :

  • SINGLE TORCH CLOCK  – This setup is a clock system technically, though it will break within a second due to the fast turning off and on of the Redstone torch. The user can put or use a repeater in the circuit for activating the time between or turning the Redstone torch off. though the user has to keep in mind to use at least 3 ticks on the repeater to make sure the torch doesn’t burn out.
  • MULTI-REDSTONE TORCH – To avoid and overcome the burnout of a Redstone torch, multiple torches could be used (at least 5 of them). This setup is a lot bigger and does not allow the user to set a specific clock time by either adding torches or repeaters to increase or rise the time.
  • REPEATER CLOCK – This version of the repeater clock is much more stable and pretty much a controllable version of the Redstone torch clock.

By using more repeaters, very long times can be set for the user’s, though there is a better option for really long clocks of 5+ mins.

redstone clock

PISTON CLOCK – This is another neat and controllable clock version or setup. The major advantage of this clock is that the user can turn it on and off according to convenience. By simply providing the Redstone torch with power, that torch will turn off and stop the clock from functioning or working.

The other clocks are :-



A clock circuit is a Redstone circuit that produces/ generates a  clock signal which is a pattern of pulses that repeats itself.

Clock generators are devices in which the output is toggling between on and off constantly and repeatedly. The customary name x-clock is originated and derived from half of the period length, which is also usually the pulse width.

Using only Redstone torches and wire, it is possible and enabled to create clocks as short as a 4-clock, sometimes even by exploiting glitches.

There are also special and unique circuits called “rapid pulsers”, which produce rapid pulses like a 1 Tick clock, but inconsistently due to torches burning out.

Clocks can be created long as well, but creating long clocks (more than a few ticks) can be more difficult, as adding repeaters will eventually get unwieldy. There can be a number of approaches the user can see for it.


By using redstone clocks the user can use clocks as a base to more complex and complicated circuits. One can hook up a dispenser filled with arrows and have it shoot repeatedly and continuously.

redstone clock


STEP 1. In the first step, the user is required to gather his/her materials. The materials are –

  • 12 Blocks of whatever material the user wants to use or apply for the circuit.
  • 3 Redstone torches.
  • 6 Redstone dust.

 STEP 2. This is the step when the building starts to get built. For building the user is required to put three blocks in a square, with two blocks to be put in between. The catch here is that one corner should be left empty or missing.

STEP 3. No one has to dig down one block on the spaces between the original three blocks put in step 2. Then, it is required to place the rest of its blocks in the holes.

STEP 4. Then the user has to place torches on the original three blocks.

 STEP 5. Place the redstone dust on the blocs that you have put on the ground.

Now your redstone clock is finished and complete. The redstone should now be flashing on and off.

The user can always consider images and pictures if confused to follow the steps to be followed while building a redstone clock in Minecraft.

It’s best to learn when one does all the following above mentioned step practically. At the initial level, this may seem tiresome and a total mess but doing it will make it easier and one can get comfortable with it easily.