Linnk is a privately held UK based company which provides its services across multiple continents, with 40 industries at work in the digital world. They aim to deliver transformational outcomes in the emerging digital world , which is now becoming a global trend. Linnk is basically associated with information technology and services.


Their consultancy provides enhanced and optimized collaboration between the lines of IT, businesses and development to improve infrastructure, Devops and cloud. With that, it also includes software development by conceiving, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing in creating frameworks by managing applications and other software components which makes their clients’ work convenient and transparent. Moreover, the need to analyze and execute on qualitative data led the company to incorporate data and analytics into their specialties in order to locate the key sources of revenue, broaden the customer engagement and further enhance the cost. They also provide their expertise in the field of cybersecurity for cyber resilient businesses and information.

Clients Services of Linnk:

Linnk claims to provide the best services for their clients. Their services include staffing, which includes project based recruitment services accompanied by time, material and fixed prices. They also cater for screening of candidates’ applications, sourcing of targeted candidates and management of on-going candidates. The company has designed workforce solutions to identify best candidates and provide them with their specific business needs. 

Geographical expansion:

Linnk was founded in 2019. Their headquarters are located in London,England with partners across the globe.

Review of Linnk:

Scrolling through Linnks’ social platforms and online businesses, one perceives a satisfactory impression of them. Their growing businesses indicate their high profile professionalism with high standing personalities joining their departments. Thus, providing Linnk with vast and broadened horizons on international platforms. Despite recent pandemic phases, Linnk has maintained its standing by providing the audience and their clients with best information technology and services. Linnk has already attracted much attention from famous CEOs across the borders and is more likely to be engaged with further attention as well. Although, the audience following is low at the moment, but with the pace they are progressing forwardly, we can assume that they will go high to the competition of other million dollar companies of the same niche. However, their engagement with the public at social level is developing more and more with daily updates on the economy and new innovations in the country and region, making their standing on social media more prominent and effective.

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