List of Platforms to Watch Video Content

In case you are stuck at home and are looking for ways to entertain yourself, why not consume some video content? There is more stuff to watch than you think, and it might be just the thing to keep you occupied before you can finally leave home once the pandemic is over.

For that, you will need some suggestions on where and what to watch. Thankfully, there are multiple platforms that offer different kinds of video content.

Movie Websites

If you are interested in watching some movies with the time you have, and you cannot afford streaming platforms or have none available where you live, then look for sites like 123movies.

The original is not around anymore because it had to close down, but you can find multiple 123movies websites that are similar to the original. Or, if you want, you can also look for other websites of this nature.

Keep in mind, though, that the content on such sites is not legal. Also, you may not be able to access it directly from the browser because your ISP could be blocking such websites. 

In this case, using a virtual private network sounds like a good solution. A VPN changes your IP address and location. You can switch these details so that the website you want to use becomes accessible. 

Now for the movies you want to watch, it depends on your preference. Usually, these websites have a solid collection of both classic and modern movies, so you should have no problem finding interesting films to watch.

Netflix and Other Streaming Sites

Streaming sites are a legal alternative to random movie websites. Even if you have to pay a monthly fee, you will not have a sense of guilt for not supporting content creators. Besides, Using services like Netflix or Disney+ is more convenient most of the time because you do not have to bother with virtual private networks and other workarounds.

Of course, streaming platforms have some disadvantages as well. You will not find all the content you want on a single site. To take a legal route would mean subscribing to multiple services, and that may cost more than one can afford. The money is one of the reasons why illegal movie and TV show websites appear in the first place.

It would also be worth remembering that some of the shows or movies tend to rotate out from a streaming platform. In case you want to watch something, do not delay too much because it might be gone by the time you finally find time to watch it.

Twitch TV

If you are not that interested in watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other mainstream media, why not explore Twitch TV? The platform continues to grow every year, and it has more than a million concurrent viewers on average. 

The popularity incentivizes content creators to do their best and entertain an audience that wants to escape from mainstream media and find something different to watch. 

Even if you do not like video games (that is the majority of channels on the platform), you can still find plenty of content creators who produce music, do cooking live, play instruments, or host talk shows.

As a viewer, you have an option to participate in a chat and engage with the streamer and their community. Also, you can show your support by subscribing or sending donations. 

Support from the community motivates streamers to work even harder to keep their viewers happy. It benefits both parties. 

Discovering Twitch TV and browsing through different channels may feel a bit weird at first. However, once you get the hang of it and discover some great channels, you will find yourself spending more and more time on Twitch.

Anime Websites

Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime, has been getting more and more attention recently. The medium is different from western media and feels like a breath of fresh air. You may be reluctant to try it because it is not live-action, but that is a poor excuse not to try this type of media.

You can watch anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and websites like Gogoanime. Recently, Netflix has been investing in anime as well, though their overall collection is still pretty lackluster compared to the biggest platforms. 


YouTube has been around for years, and it continues to be the most popular video platform on the internet. Sure, some of the channels you have watched in the past may not be around anymore, but there are new and interesting content creators who produce great videos.

Spend some time on the platform’s search bar and enter keywords to find videos you might like. Once you find a great channel, you may end up spending an hour or two watching every video it has.