Emerging Trends for Mobile Application Development

The mobile application market is developing and on forecasts of leading companies growth will increase. More and more developers, companies, and applications themselves appear. Competition is growing and among the services with the same functions. Someone takes the design, someone adds new features, and someone is spinning with advertising. Analysis of the mobile application market shows that in 2020 the income from applications will reach 189 billion dollars.

Development of Applications for Mobile Devices

In 2020, today, the programs for smartphone mobile development have ceased to be a technological novelty and turned into a daily business tool. Recent studies suggest that most people go online through mobile devices, with 90% of this time use mobile applications. at the moment, the generation of 52% of mobile traffic is responsible for smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Emerging Trends for Mobile Application Development

With their help, approximately three-quarters of emails are also opened. modern gadgets are so convenient to use that it even influenced custom preferences. According to statistics, four of the five owners of smartphones prefer to buy from companies offering customers relevant applications. Or these are sites that simplify the search for answers to emerging issues. Also, statistical data suggest that the largest stores of applications for smartphones today offer over 4 million utilities.

Like all technological developments, programs for smartphones are characterized by rapid variability and the ability to rely on the latest trends. Many busineses today are promoting not only sites, but also their mobile software. This allows you to more targe advertising by phone numbers.

Order professional creating a mobile application can be here. now is worth considering the key factors that have the greatest impact on the development of programs for mobile devices in the current year.

How do you Like the Audience or Which Applications are Now “on the Crest of the Wave”?

Did you pay attention to how many diverse sources of information are now? Blogs, Telegram Channels, YouTube Channels and so on. Users are lost in the communication channels of the communications and are looking for what will give them a comprehensive review.

Therefore, the biggest popularity of the applications aggregators. IOS and Android application development makes them intuitive, simple and unwarked. Users bribes the ability to and conveniently get all the information in one place. (Flipboard). The concept of the application can be adapted to the purchase process – like, for example, we have implemented the Swiss Ruben startup – customers make purchases from different online stores, and the service collects it all in a single order.

Development of mobile applications fireart.studio shows that in the future profit of the service owners receive, mostly from two sources:

  • Advertising in the application;
  • Purchase additional functionality and feature.

In Which Applications Users Spend the Most Time?

According to data, people spend the greatest time to spend the following types of applications:


Departure departure and desire to stand out – services respond to the basic need of customers. People upload non-standard icons for menu, bekground, lock screens, launchers.

Electronic Journals

Oddly enough, people still read newspapers and magazines, only in another medium – mobile application. (growth of such services 135%)

Device Optimization

Even if the effect is not very noticeable, users continue to download applications that increase productivity, cool smartphones, clean the garbage and protect the battery.

Useful Tips for Life

Surprisingly, people really need daily shopping tips, lifestyle and lifechakam. (height 81%)

5 Messengers, as well as Travel and Sports Services

The growth of these applications amounted to more than 50%. Just remember how many new messengers have appeared over the past two years. And with the idea that some application can get rid of the headache of travel planning, hands themselves are drawn to the playmarket.

The key mission of this selection is to track and react to the needs and interests of people, find pain and deliver them.

What else is important to know about the prospects of applications?

If you are going to hire a team and program your own application, pay attention to the development trends in order not to get to them:

Mobile Application Design

Emerging Trends for Mobile Application Development
Image Source: unsplash.com

It should be simple, minimalist and convenient. If the client spends 10 minutes to understand everything, he will delete the application even before 10 minutes. In IT it is all referred to as the term UX design. Therefore, make sure your designers are familiar with these trends in development.

Optimized Resources of Gadgets

Admit, you are terribly infuriated, how much battery takes Skype? So other users are unhappy with this. Therefore, emphasize the attention to the fact that the application should be as light as possible and protect the resources of smartphones.

Wearing Gadgets

If you want to create an iOS or Android application, pay attention to the popularity of fitness trackers, smarts and other things. Development of applications that integrate two spheres – a smartphone and a wearable gadget is gaining momentum and interest.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Who at least out of interest in augmented reality did not try the Pokemongo application? While this topic is not yet exiled, use for games, useful services, online stores.

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