Why You Should Never Use 123Movies

If you are an online streaming enthusiast, you are likely to have already come across 123movies. 123movies is simply a pirated torrent site that allows users to stream and download several movies, TV shows, and web series. Even more, 123movies will enable you to watch videos in HD quality too.

One of the features that make 123movies a unique torrent site is that it allows users to request any TV show, web series, or movie of their choice even if it is not available. Once you have asked for the film, 123movies will make the movie, TV show or web series available in a short period.

Additionally, 123movies have been a lifesaver for those who are looking for an alternative to cinemas. According to Wikipedia, 123movies have been rated as the most famous pirate website by the American Motion Pictures Association.

In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about 123movies is a pirate site, its illegality, and reasons why it is unsafe to stream movies on this website.

How Does 123movies Work?

123Movies do not upload movies, TV series, or shows. Rather, it gathers films and videos from cyberlockers from across the entire web. Usually, the cyberlockers host content from legitimate and popular streaming sites like those of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

Those operating 123movies operate this pirate streaming site from a hidden location such that their identities cannot be discovered, thus keeping them safe despite the illegality. This is directly connected to the fact that piracy is a criminal offense that is punishable by most countries.

Furthermore, this explains why you cannot find 123movies’s primary URL or domain on google. Instead, you are likely to see so many 123movies clone sites all over the internet. Usually, when a new movie is released, users will be able to access the film in just a couple of hours as the movie, TV series or show is uploaded almost immediately.

123movies Website Domain Names

Because 123movies is an illegal and pirate site, the Vietnam authorities banned its official domain name, which leads it to have several clone sites. Even more, because it is a pirate site, watching movies on the website can also get you into legal troubles.

As a result, we have identified a few 123movies clone sites to avoid them as much as possible. The links and domains include 123movies.com, 123movies.in, 123movies.la, 123movies.mv, 123movies.site, and 123movies.org.

Why is 123Movies Website is Down?

Like We mentioned earlier, the Vietnam authorities banned the official domain of 123movies due to pirate and illegal activities. Broadband TV News reported that on the 19th of March 2018, 123movies broke the news of its shutdown. Even though 123movies did not officially give a reason for the shutdown, it came after the movie streaming site was declared as the world’s most famous illegal site by the American Motion Pictures Association. This resulted from several criminal investigations constituted by the Vietnamese authorities where 123movies had its original domain.

Is 123movies safe?

If you are looking for a direct answer, then it is No. Watching movies on any of the 123movies domains may have some adverse effects.  Since 123movies is a pirate site, streaming videos on such websites you mean you are courting DMCA notices, which could lead to legal suits. Besides, piracy is an illegal activity in most countries of the world. Even more, you can be easily tracked by relevant authorities and prosecuted for copyright infringements.

Additionally, streaming on 123movies also comes with the tendency to cause malware damage. Just like other illegal streaming sites, 123movies contains malware. If users click such links, their devices might get infected. Not to mention that users will also have to encounter several pop-ups that often lead to other dangerous sites.

Is 123movies legal?

Without mincing words, 123movies is a pirate site, which makes it illegal. This is because it goes contrary to most government’s anti-piracy laws. As a result, using accessing and using videos from123movies is legal and is capable of incriminating you. 123movies was enjoying traffic of over 98 million monthly, which made it earn the ranking as the world’s most famous pirate site.

Since MPAA is the regulatory body, any site it declares as illegal means it is unlawful in the United States. Also, distributing and sharing copyright-protected materials without permission is illegal in most countries of the world.

123movies Alternatives

Since 123movies is a pirate and illegal site, there are several other legal alternatives to 123movies that provide similar services. Such options offer the latest movies in a range of video quality, including HD. Streaming movies from the following sites will save you from the risk of illegality and piracy. They include Netflix, Sony Liv, Amazon Prime Video, Mx Player, Hotstar, among others.

Is 123movies Safe for My Phone, Tablet, or Laptop?

The answer to this question is No. 123movies is a pirate site and hence is loaded with several ads, pop-ups, and malicious links. Such links may pose several threats to your device if you click on them.

Additionally, streaming videos from such sites make your GPU of overwork itself, and as a result, your device may begin to heat up rapidly. It can lead to several damages to the processor of your device if you stream for long periods.


All in all, 123movies is a pirate site and hence an illegal video streaming site too. Although their main domain has been banned due to an ongoing investigation for copyright infringement, there are several 123movies clone sites currently active.

Watching and downloading movies from 123movies comes with several adverse effects such as legal actions for copyright infringement, risk of damaging your device’s malware, among others.

Besides, there are quite a number of legal alternatives to 123movies that you can also enjoy the latest movies, TV series, and shows with the best video quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About 123movies

Is 123movies illegal to use? 

Yes, and the reason is that 123movies is a pirate site for watching and downloading TV series, shows, and movies. 123movies leaks web series, videos, and TV shows to millions of users without permission, which makes it not just illegal but also dangerous for users.

 Is 123movies down?

Due to the ongoing investigation instituted by the Vietnamese government, the primary domain of 123movies is down. However, the site has several clone sites that are still active and running.

What is the primary domain of 123movies?

The official and main domain of 123movies is 123stream.tv. Although it is currently down, there are other 123movies domain sites available.

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