How to Rent a Supercar in Dubai for Cheap?

If you want to visit Dubai and rent a luxury vehicle there, it’s not so difficult to do. Of course, you have to know all the needed things beforehand to enjoy your trip without problems. Just imagine yourself driving a supercar in a beautiful town! You will be able to visit many interesting places and enjoy your vacation fully.

Of course, it’s quite important for you to know beforehand all the needed moments about supercar rental Dubai. Rental services in the emirates are pretty in demand as they are reliable and affordable offering a wide range of models from family SUVs to luxury supercars. Moreover,  the prices for rented cars are so affordable that everyone will be eager to address rental companies and try something new out.

In our short but informative article, we’ve gathered some important data you should read before you go there. We hope you will enjoy your unforgettable trip and have many amazing moments there!

How Is It Better to Rent a Vehicle in Dubai?

You can rent a luxury car in Dubai in two ways: the first is you can go to the renting company when you are already there, and choose the needed car. Another way is more acceptable: you can book a luxury vehicle on the Internet using online services, and your beautiful car will be waiting for your arrival. Of course, the second option seems more acceptable because you do not have to spend time searching for a car in Dubai – you just look for the needed one online, and the vehicle will be waiting for you in any place in the city. Another good benefit is it’s always cheaper to rent a car online than going to the local rental service in Dubai to find a vehicle there.

Important tip: the longer the rental period you require, the lower price will be. That’s why it is worth renting a vehicle in Dubai for the whole period you plan to stay there. Of course, you need to discover all services and terms to choose the most acceptable variant for you. Usually, the price for renting a car is about $40 a day. The final price depends on the model, term of rent, and other things. Are you still hesitating between choosing a car rental and a taxi? Make a comparison – for example, if you take a taxi, you will pay about $50 a day. Needless to say that it’s cheaper and better to rent a luxury vehicle (of course, only if you have a driving license).

Which Documents Do You Need to Rent a Car in UAE?

To rent a car in Dubai, every driver should have an international driving license, and also a national driving license. You cannot drive a vehicle in Dubai if you do not have a driving license because renting services will not give you a car without this important document. Apart from the license, you should have your foreign passport. If you have booked a vehicle on the Internet, you need to print out all the needed papers. Pay attention that you can pay for the rent using a credit card because rental companies in Dubai do not accept cash. 

You can get a range of wonderful benefits when you rent a car in Dubai:

  1. Ideal roads. Dubai is in first place in the world by the roads’ quality. It’s very safe to drive there, in addition, all the drivers are polite, so you won’t have any problems even if you don’t have a lot of driving experience.
  2. Cheap gasoline. Compared to many European countries, Dubai has low prices for gasoline, so it’s a great chance to save money and spend an amazing vacation driving a supercar in a beautiful city. 
  3. Safety on roads. You won’t find any drunk drivers in Dubai because alcohol is banned, so car accidents happen very rarely there. Enjoy the safe drive and visit famous places in this huge city without any worries!


As you can see, renting a supercar in Dubai is a wonderful option for those tourists who have a driving license and plan to spend a great vacation in this amazing country. You can save a lot of time and money as well as feel more mobile and free to visit various places, shops, beaches, and other beautiful things in Dubai.  

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