5 Tips for Building an Amazing Self-Service Portal

Customers tend to be more loyal to a brand that responds to and resolves their problems and complaints. However, there are some that like to solve issues on their own. That’s how the need for a service that offers customers the ability to take care of their own issues and requests has emerged. 

A self service portal is a website offering users information and resources to help them find answers and resolve their problems. By empowering customers to take care of their own problems and requests, companies can cut down on the cost needed for a support team. 

The following article will share some tips on building an amazing self-service portal for your business.

5 Tips for Building an Amazing Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal Overview

Self-service portals are the new way of providing customer service to clients. They allow users to access their account information, make payments, and get support without having to contact customer service representatives.

It can be used for anything from a simple password resetting process to a complex purchase order process. If your client experiences some issues with a product they bought from you, they can also look for solutions through your portal, without contacting a support team.

Why Your Business Needs a Self-Service Portal?

Owning a self-service portal is like having a support team that works nonstop. Your clients can reach out and look for a solution at any time, without waiting. Because of this, your overall customer experience improves, which is one of the main factors in running a successful business.

You can go one step further by adding step-by-step videos of how to solve the most common issues, live chatbots that your customers can access, as well as an interactive approach to different problems.

How to Build an Amazing Self-Service Portal

Let Your Customers Know of Your Self-Service Site

Your self-service site can only serve its purpose if your clients are aware of it. Make sure you notify them as soon as you build it and make sure you frequently mention it on social media as well as in blog posts. You can also place links that will lead to the site for easier access.

Have the Right Self-Service Content

Your self-service portal will be useful if it contains the right information. Make sure you get feedback from your regular clients and ask them what issues are they facing regarding your business. If you know their problems, you’ll be able to guide them better to the solution. The content you share should be simple and related to their specific problem so that they can easily understand it.

Enable your clients to rate your self-service portal. It can be either through comments and testimonies, or a star rating. By knowing what your clients think of your portal, you’ll be able to improve it.

5 Tips for Building an Amazing Self-Service Portal

Stay Up-To-Date

Your business will continue improving and growing, and so should your self-service portal. As you solve existing problems of your clients, new ones will arise, so you need to update your portal and add all of the new step-by-step solutions.

Give your customers the chance to inform you of any new problems, by providing contact information. They can either contact you by phone or mail, so make sure you’re available and ready to answer their concerns.

Your Self-Service Portal Should Be Easy to Navigate

The self-service portal should be easy to navigate. It should have a clear and concise menu with options that are easy to find. The design should facilitate customer service and reduce customer frustration. Ensure you include a search bar on top of the site so that clients can search for a solution to a specific issue they’re having.

Use the Same Design as You Do on Your Website

Your self-service portal should represent your official website and your company. The design of your website should be simple, consistent with the rest of your company’s site, and professional. Consider using a responsive design that adapts to whatever screen size they are on.

Bottom Line

The self-service portal is a great way for companies to save money on the cost of hiring and training new employees. It also allows for more flexibility in the work environment as it gives employees more control over their work schedules and tasks. By following the tips in this article, you can successfully build your self-service portal. 

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