4 Tips on Buying a Car in Singapore

Singaporeans like cars, but cars can cost 5 to 6 times more in Singapore, but the demand for new cars was steady in Singapore. Records of the Land Transport Authority show that in 2016 there were over 87,000 new cars, up 52 percent from 57,000 new cars in 2015. The weird thing, despite the fact that Singapore has one of the world’s greatest systems for public transit, is that you don’t need a car in order to go about the city. If you guys are planning to buy a car then you should contact Abwin commercial vehicle.

Buying a Car

Decide Whether You can Afford a Car from your Budget:

Since cars are very costly, a majority of buyers are financing their purchase using a bank loan. However, a considerable down payment still has to be arranged. You not only have to prepare around S$31,000 for a down payment but also pay monthly payment for an excluding the 5-year auto loan in excess of S$1,000 when you purchase Toyota Corolla Altis, one of the most popular cars in the world. But why should a car be expensive? The cost of a Toyota Corolla Altis in Singapore is S$102,988, whereas the OVV, which indicates the cost of buying and the associated car delivery to Singapore, is only S$18,690. Taxes and duties are the leftover sum.

Use Your Car Dealership Negotiation Skills:

Car dealers in Singapore have significant profit margins and the price given should constantly be reduced. Even if this doesn’t happen, free servicing and free or drastically discounted accessories can still be obtained. When bargaining with the dealer, there are few things to remember. First, the year and month when the automobile you purchase was created should be checked. You might ask for a discount if it was produced several months or a year ago. The documentation that you sign at the dealership should also be extremely careful. Read any form you receive pre-printed and ask for clarification if you need it. The Motor Traders Association of Singapore has produced a short handbook to describe the sales contract you have to conclude with the trader. This contract covers several specifics, like the model of the automobile you buy, engine capacity, production year and colour. Before you sign it, examine the sales deal carefully. The price indicated in the contract should be identical to the amount you negotiated. If there is a discrepancy, you need to ask the salesman

car dealership negotiation

Don’t Forget Operating Costs:

 Spending on your automobile is around 14,000 dollars a year according to the Singapore Government’s Ministry of Communications and Information. This is the amount of a first-tier automobile and the figure except for the monthly loan, which can easily increase these expenditures by more than S$1,000 each month. You should keep yourself in mind before purchasing a car (at least $2,000 a month including a vehicle loan fee) for these expenditures.

Should you Instead Acquire a Secondhand Car?

By selecting a used automobile, you may save a considerable amount of money. It is not simple, however, to get to a reasonable price for an ancient automobile. This useful guide to understanding Singapore vehicle value depreciation gives you an insight into how to determine a used automobile’s pricing. The automobile you plan to purchase should be tested. Not only that, but a few hundred metres down the road shouldn’t be driven. Take the automobile instead for a lengthy drive so you can see how it works under varied situations. Are you in heavy traffic comfortable driving it? Is it high speed vibrating?

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