6 Smartphone apps for managing your personal finances

Learning the art of investing or figuring out where it’s best to open a deposit and purchase money can be a great help. However, real financial literacy starts with planning your personal budget. Financial planning apps could be a useful tool that can help manage your spending, keep track of your savings, and organize your budget at the same time. We have compiled a list of the six best smartphone apps and in this article are going to talk about the useful features of these types of programs.

Smartphone apps for managing your personal finances
Smartphone apps for managing your personal finances


Some people prefer to keep track of all their expenses on business trips and travels. Others choose to take care of business or enjoy a vacation instead of filling out boring reports. In that case, this app can help you scan all your bills and receipts, getting rid of the boring routine by saving your time. 

Speaking of planning expenses during your travels, you can significantly save costs by using a car rental service instead of a cab. Due to the wide range of cars and affordability, rental services have become very popular nowadays. Even if you decide to rent a Ferrari Dubai, it could cost you less than using a taxi on a regular basis. In addition to this, you can beforehand choose a desired vehicle for hire on the website of the service and plan your budget accordingly.


This is one of the most popular apps for controlling expenses. It supports multiple currencies and helps you accurately plan your budget. The app is free to use, although if you sign up for a paid subscription, you can synchronize your bank transactions across multiple devices and automatically classify them, as well as add several bank accounts. Moreover, the app Wallet can create payment templates and shopping lists, and export data about your income and expenses in various formats.

Expense Manager

The name of the smartphone app speaks for itself. A nice bonus of the program is affordability because it’s completely free of charge. The software allows tracking income and spending, managing accounts, and planning payments, all in one place. A useful calendar and eye-catching graphics are also provided with the program to help you track all of your income and expenses.


This particular app is a handy program for the family budget that automatically scans your paychecks. All you need to do is simply point your smartphone camera at the receipt and the app immediately recognizes the purchased goods and notes how much you’ve spent on them in the section of expenses. Also, the app recognizes notifications from your banks concerning the transactions you’ve made. This makes it possible to keep track of your debts and credits in an almost fully automatic mode, which significantly saves your time.


The program makes it easy to manage spending and organize important purchases and expenses for the upcoming months. Every expense is divided into several categories so that you could keep track of all of them. The software develops graphics that illustrate which aspects of your life are the most disposable in order to make it you see your major expenses. The smartphone app is perfect for handling a family budget since it enables everyone to monitor their earnings and outgoings while also displaying data for the entire household. This way, you could teach children the basics of financial literacy and show them this by your example. 

Bills Monitor

In case you ever forget to pay your rent, utilities, language courses, gym, and many other things, then the Bills Monitor personal finance assistant can help you. The app is designed to manage all kinds of bills and notify you whenever you’re in debt. By recording the bills in this app, you will get reminders to pay. In addition, the app makes a payment schedule so that you can plan your budget more easily.

We propose that you start keeping track of your finances from this moment on with these handy apps that you can download and install on your phone for free right now. 

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