A Guide to Buy a Smartwatch Cover

A cracked smartwatch screen is not just an eyesore but also compromises the watch’s value. However, the best watch covers can protect your screen from cracks and scratches the next time the watch falls.

Screen protective cases and covers were at first associated with tablets and phones. But, thanks to the popularity of smartwatches, these accessories are now being manufactured for wearables. You can come across various watch screen protectors like the Apple watch cover and similar products in the market.

You might own a premium smartwatch, but that does not mean it can always resist dust, dirt, water, and scratches. Therefore, you need a protector that does not hamper the watch’s functionality. If you want to know why a protective case for watches is essential, here are some reasons.

smartwatch silicon covers

Offers protection to watch screen

The chances of a watch falling from your wrist are thin. But, even if your watch does not fall, it may get scratched in daily usage, and a lot of watches do not feature a scratch-resistant screen.

Some watches have cases, but they are made from materials that are not scratch-resistant. Adding a case or cover offers the much-required safety in such cases.

Saves from microbes

Thanks to the pandemic, people have become very health-conscious and uber-hygienic and are conscious of the things they touch. Through constant exposure and countless touches, the watch becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms.

However, an antimicrobial screen guard changes all of that and is better than using sanitizers and other cleaning liquids that may damage the screen. With an antimicrobial screen cover, you can rest assured that your watch is safe and protected.

Enhances second-hand value

In case you decide to sell your smartwatch in the future, you will realize that looks matter. Whoever buys your watch will pay attention to its appearance. Second-hand watches are graded on their appearance, and with a newer look, your watch will have a higher value than other watches.

Therefore, buying a cover or screen protector can make sure that your watch betrays its age successfully, getting you a better deal while selling it.

Imparts Style

You can find various types of cases for smartwatches. While some covers present a bland-looking watch with a colorful exterior, others give classic design watches a sporty appearance.

These cases come in multiple hues and designs so that you can get some to match your watch strap and give your watch a completely new look.

When it comes to variety in the material of a watch cover, there are quite a few options available.

smartwatch sports cover

Watch Protectors are Available in a Variety of Materials

Tempered Glass Screen Cover

Glass, when taken through several chemical and thermal treatments to enhance its strength, becomes tempered glass. Besides being used in safety glasses, car windshields, and kitchen appliances, tempered glass is an excellent cell phone screen protector.

Tempered glass is also used to cover smartwatches because of its capability to transmit light and offer a clear display with no glare. Some tempered glass screen protectors can even ensure fingerprint smudges don’t interfere with the display.

It is considered among the most suitable materials for smartwatch screen protectors because of its ability to provide multi-level protection. Tempered glass also saves the screen from profound impact when you drop the watch accidentally and reduces damage from daily wear. The glass is also light enough to make you feel you are using the device’s screen.

PET Plastic Cover

PET plastic screen protectors come with a polyester film with silicone adhesive on one side and a matte coating on the other. High-end PET plastic watch covers serve as an anti-scratch layer on the screen.

These kinds of screen protectors are extremely thin and do not jut out as much as some tempered glass covers do, but also provide less protection from falls and other accidents that may impact your screen.

Smartwatch plastic cover

TPU Plastic Cover

TPU Plastic is considered a good option for an Apple watch cover. It is almost rubbery and flexible, offers better impact protection than PET plastic, and can self-heal from minor scratches.

You may believe that you have no problem keeping your watch safe, but accidents are never planned and cannot always be predicted. The benefits you get from using a watch cover are far too significant to ignore.

Your smartwatch is a delicate and sensitive thing. Nobody likes to see a cracked screen on their smartphones. The same applies to smartwatches as well. This is why a cover for your smartwatch is essential. Depending on your watch, affordability, and lifestyle, choose a cover that is both trendy and useful.

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