Why Many Companies Are Switching to VoIP Cell Phones

VoIP phones have been popular for several years now. However, the majority of VoIP phones resembled traditional landlines. Now businesses can set up a professional VoIP system on a network of mobile phones. This offers numerous benefits for both employees and businesses. Read on to learn why many companies are switching to VoIP mobile phones.

Benefits for Employees

Working From Home

As working from home becomes more common, more employees become aware of the benefits of this work situation. Many job applicants are looking for remote positions, and many companies are offering remote positions to attract talent. In the past, positions that required heavy business phone use had to be office-based. However, business VoIP systems can now work on mobile devices. This means that businesses can offer remote work options for employees that need to access a business phone.

Staying Connected While Traveling

Even employees based in the office may need to travel from time to time. With a mobile VoIP system, these employees can still access the business’s phone system on the go. Not only can these employees make and receive business calls, but they also have access to features like hold music, 4-way calls, and more.

Ease of Use

Traditional VoIP systems are reasonably easy to use. However, there is still a learning curve for employees who are new to the technology. In contrast, the vast majority of employees will know how to use apps on a smartphone. This is all these employees must do to utilize a mobile VoIP system. Tech-savvy employees with smartwatches can even set up a VoIP wrist phone to make controlling the app easier.

Benefits for Businesses

Allowing Employees More Flexibility

As previously mentioned, businesses are under pressure to offer remote work options for employees. A mobile VoIP system may allow them to do so. Even if employees cannot be fully remote, they may be able to work at home most of the time.

Professional Features

A mobile VoIP system allows businesses to give employees access to features usually reserved for landlines. For example, employees can use custom business hold messages and voicemail to email functionality. This ensures that callers have a consistent experience, whether they reach an employee on an office phone or a mobile phone.

Saving Money

Businesses can also save a great deal of money on phone bills. Companies with heavy phone usage could save as much as 50% on their bills by switching to VoIP. Mobile plans are costly, so businesses can get benefit and save even more with a mobile VoIP system.

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