The Advantages of an Organized Plastic Tool Box

Keeping your tools well organized in a durable, lightweight plastic tool box has many benefits whether you are a home handyman or a professional tradesperson. Your plastic tool box may be a standard issue with pull out tote tray and sealed compartments, or a stackable and wheelable affair, for jobs that require heavier and numerous pieces of equipment. 

Keep tools damage free 

An organized tool box is more easily transportable. Tools will be secure, less easily damaged and arrive at your destination safely if they have been stacked and packed in a logical and careful arrangement. Plastic tool boxes that include elasticized straps for tools or a foam layer are even better at ensuring tools maintain their sharpness and efficiency. 

Safe access to your tools

Having the tools arranged in a specific order allows you to access the tools you need quickly, efficiently and safely. Some tool boxes allow touch opening so you can both open and grab the tool you need with one hand, while the other hand is engaged. Safety is improved when you know exactly where your tools are in the box and do not have to rummage through it to find the right piece of equipment. 

Balance your tool box

When your tools are stacked in a particular layout to ensure balance, the box will be easier to carry by hand or when being transported in the back of your ute. If tools are arranged so there is no strain on the box, there is little chance the box will open and tools spill out or get damaged. Wheeled tool boxes will also operate more smoothly when tools are appropriately placed.

Best Organization for Tool Boxes

Here is what the experts say:

Heavy tools at the bottom

Power and heavy tools should be placed first in the bottom layer of your plastic tool box to ensure they do not damage the other tools. Compact packing also prevents movement and keeps tools well maintained.  


Safety glasses, earmuffs, and other light accessories can be safely placed on top of the heavy and power tools. This provides convenient storage for these awkward shaped tools. 

Small tools and equipment

Equipment such as tape measures, Multimeters and spirit levels can be placed on the removable tote tray or drawers, depending on the design of your plastic tool box. 

Spanners, Screwdrivers and Pliers

These kinds of tools, plus electrical equipment such as soldering irons can be kept in plastic sleeves and also placed in tote trays, or in elasticated slots if available. In larger plastic tool boxes, separate layers are provided for spanners and similar tools.

Screws and nails

Your plastic tool box will have individual compartments suitable for holding small accessories such as nails, nuts and bolts and screws. Label the containers on the outside with a permanent marker or sticky labels to improve the organization of your tool box. 

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