Tips on How to Edit a Podcast Highlights Video

Your podcast might be the next big thing, but if you’re not getting your message out there to people who are looking for it, it won’t matter much. The easiest way to do this is to use an online video editor such as the Promo editor to create quick clips that you can then share through your social media accounts or embed on your website or blog. 

This post provides tips on how to edit your podcast highlights video so that it appeals to the widest potential audience.

1) Record Interview Audio

Before you start editing, make sure you’ve recorded high-quality audio for your video. Use a lavalier microphone (like those from Audio-Technica and others) and make sure you’re capturing clean audio of both yourself and your guest. If possible, interview in an acoustic space, like a meeting room or conference room at your office; you want to reduce outside noise as much as possible.

You’ll want to make sure you capture two separate audio tracks: one for yourself and one for your guest. I can’t stress enough that the easiest way to do that is by using an external microphone like a lavalier mic. Find a quiet room, put your microphone on, and set up your guest with his or her own one.

2) Upload Interview Audio

First, you’ll want to upload your interview audio files. There are a couple of ways you can do that: 

  • Upload them directly from your computer by clicking Browse then selecting your file(s). 
  • Import them into one big project from your computer by downloading and installing QuickTime, clicking Browse then navigating to the folder where those files are located.

Either way, once you’ve selected your file(s), click Open and then Save. You can then add them to your project like any other video or audio files you want in your video.

  • Add Headshots to the Video

A great way to make your video more personal is by adding your headshot at some point during your video. To do so, simply upload an image that you’d like to use as your profile photo and place it where you want it in the frame. You can then edit out any unwanted part of your picture using Promo’s tool.

Your new headshot will appear at your desired location. You can also add titles and other creative elements like text, shapes, and callouts. Once you’re happy with how it looks, export your video and upload it directly to YouTube or wherever else you plan on sharing it.

4) Add Title Card(s)

You can add title cards to make it easier for your viewers to navigate through your video. Simply select one of these pieces of footage, and then type in any text you like—it could be something like bloopers or outtakes. This will ensure that your viewers don’t get confused when they try to watch individual clips from within a larger production. You can also use more than one title card if needed!

Another fun thing you can do with your title cards is changing their speed. This lets you emphasize specific moments, or just have some fun with it! There are several options for how quickly or slowly each title card will show, allowing you to control how it fits into your overall video.

5) Use Effects Sparingly (But Use Them!)

The best advice I can give you in terms of using effects is to be judicious. While it’s tempting (and recommended) that you try out different effects, don’t get too crazy—it makes for hard-to-watch videos. Also, remember that some effects are more useful than others; they do what they’re supposed to do without drawing attention away from your content.

You don’t want your video to be boring, but you don’t need five different types of b-roll in one video. When adding a b-roll, make sure it supplements your narrative rather than distracts from it. This will help you create an effective highlight reel that brings attention back to what you are saying.

How Can an Online Video Editor Help Me with My Edits and Highlights from My Podcast?

Editing is an integral part of creating your podcast. However, editing videos online isn’t always an easy task. Instead of trying to edit your video all by yourself with professional software or hire someone else to do it, you can use Promo’s easy-to-use online video editor for assistance with your edits and highlights from your podcast.

Using an online video editor will allow you to create high-quality videos without needing any special equipment. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, editing videos is easy and convenient. Using an online video editor is also much cheaper than hiring someone else to edit your podcast highlights for you. If you use Promo’s online video editor, there are no costs associated with it.

Final Thoughts

Before your work is done, don’t forget to include a call to action in your video. This is where you ask viewers if they liked it and then direct them to sign up for more videos or maybe even an email list. In addition, be sure to ask them to subscribe with any social media platforms they might have as well as encourage viewers who aren’t subscribed yet. Encourage viewers with incentives such as free eBooks or other free goodies for subscribing via email or social media platforms.

Now you know the secret to an effective podcast edit. How are you going to use this to your advantage today?

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