Did you know that the word “bong” is reportedly derived from “baung,” a Thai term referring to a bamboo tube primarily used for smoking weed? As interesting as that tiny bit of trivia is, what is even more incredible is the increasing use of bongs in recent times.

With the variety of ways to enjoy cannabis, more and more people are using a variety of cool bongs worldwide. They are investing in costly ones, daily-use bongs, and customized designs, among other things.

Why are bongs high in demand?

If you wonder why people are opting to use bongs over other devices, it is mainly due to the water filtration technique. Unlike using a cigar pipe or other glass pipes, there is little chance of inhaling tar or burnt ash when using bongs. That is because the water effectively traps all the ash and other residues, preventing them from reaching your mouth. Moreover, the water cools down the smoke before you can inhale it, preventing your throat and lung tissues from getting burnt.

Several cannabis smokers claim that bongs are a healthier way to enjoy themselves because they can trap and filter out toxins and other carcinogens from the flowers. Inevitably, the flowers taste much better when taken through bongs.

Those who smoke cannabis for medical purposes also prefer bongs as they are super easy to use and portable, enabling them to be used on the go. With changes and advancements in the bong manufacturing industry, users now have access to special features such as glycerin coils and more effective percolators.

Excellent and unique bongs to buy

Using bongs is pretty straightforward, and even amateurs can get the hang of it pretty quickly. However, buying a suitable device may be challenging for new users, as they are unsure and inexperienced in this area. Sometimes, even expert users need to change devices to mix things up a little.

Therefore, here is a list of some cool bongs you can buy the next time you visit a headshop. You can find plenty of options online as well.

  • Heart Bong

This one is an excellent choice whether you wish to give it to one of your friends or use it with your partner. It is available in various spectacular colors from pink and green to blue and crystal clear, with a matching chamber and mouthpiece. The device costs upward of $65 and is made of top-quality borosilicate glass, making it exceptionally durable. It is excellent to look at and convenient to use; everything you want in a bong.

  • Glow-in-the-dark Bong

If you love collecting or using unique, one-of-a-kind things, this bong is tailor-made for you. Costing a little more than $70, it glows in the dark and is available in about five different colors. The beaker is around ten inches tall with a four-inch broad, robust base. Beautiful designs on the beaker make it stand out when it glows. Since the product design is unique, most fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

  • Rainbow Bong

This device is similarly priced as the heart bong and owes its name to the stunning rainbow-themed stem and cloud percolator inside the chamber. The beaker is clear glass so that it compliments the multi-colored stem beautifully and is shaped like a bell, making the device steady. It is an excellent addition to existing devices and can also be a collector’s item.

  • Tornado Bong

The tornado bong is genuinely incredible and features a unique ability to use it a lot more fun. Multiple slots in the bubble-shaped base create a twister of water whenever you pull a drag from the bong. Once you determine the right amount of water that makes this work, you can enjoy watching a mini-tornado every time you use the device. The twister feature is a great conversation starter, making the smoking experience unique and extremely fun.

  • Octopus Glass Bong

The Octopus bong is a stunningly designed device that costs a reasonable $60 or slightly more. It is seven inches tall and comes equipped with a 14mm base expertly fumed with 24k gold and .999 fine silver, making it a spectacular item to possess. The entire bong design is based on the shape of an Octopus, adding to its visual appeal.

  • Rocket Bong

Rocket bongs are among the fascinating devices to look at. They are ten inches tall and are shaped exactly like a rocket, costing almost $80. The bong comes with a diffusion downstem and a 14mm female bowl. The device is made of solid borosilicate glass, making it durable and ideal for everyday use.

Besides these devices, you can consider other fantastic options, such as the Pineapple Bong, Electro Beaker Bong, Space Blazer Rig, and Climbing Pandas Nano Rig.