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5 Strategies on How Video Helps in Improving Sales Conversion Rates

A video can be defined as “recorded moving images with accompanying sound.” At its core, it consists of a simultaneous combination of multimedia elements such as visual and audio. It has the potential to capture both attention and emotions.

For this reason, it’s no surprise that more than 2 million hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day. Three billion people around the world watch YouTube for at least an hour daily. With these numbers, it is evident that there is a high demand for content – especially visual content – and businesses understand this well.

According to Hubspot’s survey, the percentage of businesses that use videos as an essential marketing tool increased from 61% in 2016 to 85% in 2020. About 87% of marketers reported that custom videos reported positive ROI from their use.

The good news is that businesses can take advantage of videos without spending a lot of resources or hiring expensive marketing agencies. A number of professional platforms have come up that facilitate creating competitive sales video and other engaging media content to take up your marketing strategy a notch higher. This article will elaborate on how videos can help improve sales conversion rates for your products.

1. Showcase Your Products and Services Through Informative Product Videos

Many companies have begun to use website videos to give visitors a preview of the product they plan to buy – whether it’s an online course, eCommerce item, or any other digital product. This helps introduce them to what they are getting if it’s something new while also showing the features and benefits so visitors know why they should click “Add To Cart.”

Product demonstration sales videos are particularly great for B2C companies who have tangible products. However, even B2B companies can also benefit from product videos. You can achieve this by creating short, animated videos that show your solution in action.

2. Leverage the Power of Storytelling with Video Marketing

There is no better way to engage an audience than through captivating stories. A story forms a connection with your customer and gives your brand purpose in their mind every time they hear or see it. 

When you create content for marketing purposes, remember to include the “so what?” factor in every piece of information you share. Why should they care? What’s in it for them? How does this help them reach their goals? The more potential questions you answer that may pop into your viewer’s mind, the better it would be for your product promotion.

3. Create a Human Connection with Your Viewers

The digital world lacks human touch because online communication lacks verbal and nonverbal cues that are crucial to understanding emotions. Because of this, studies have shown that people tend to trust other people more than content on the internet, which anyone can write.

Video helps you build rapport with your customers through interpersonal interactions. It brings back a personal touch in making your audience feel like they are interacting with real humans behind the screen!

4. Use Testimonial Videos to Boost Conversions

Testimonials help show potential customers how others have benefitted from using or buying your product or service, so they know what they stand to gain from it as well.

For B2C companies, testimonials from clients are the best way to go. They help you create original videos and photos that show how your product has worked for others like them and why they should follow suit and invest in your product too!

5. Create Features Comparison Videos for Digital Products

If you have a software product that offers various features, creating a sales video where users can “compare shop” can increase conversions.

A comparison video should clearly show the benefits and features of your product and then compare and contrast them with other competing products on the market. Showing potential customers what they’re missing out on just might be enough to convince them to click “Add To Cart”! It’s also crucial that you speak in an unbiased manner by not exaggerating or embellishing any details.

Critical Factors Involved in Making Persuasive Videos

What makes a sales video persuasive? There’s no single recipe for this; however, there are vital ingredients to consider:

The right attitude – If you want people to notice what you’re saying, be mindful of how you approach them with your message. The tone should be friendly, non-threatening, and open, not aggressive or condescending. It will ensure that viewers form a positive impression of your brand and give their undivided attention to your message.

The story – The story should be engaging and clearly communicate the benefits of what you’re promoting. It should also evoke emotion and show that your product or service can solve a problem and improve people’s lives in one way or another.

Emotion – Showing how happy, relieved, satisfied clients feel when they use your services will make others eager to follow their lead. Emotions like this trigger action because it shows how customers get the most out of your brand. You can do this by showing scenes from real-life events instead of using actors who may seem fake.

Engaging and strategically planned videos can play a decisive role in improving your marketing strategy and increasing your profit margin. It is a worthy investment with long-term results for any company that wishes to enjoy a strong market presence for a long time.