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Tips of Best Writing Practices – Specially as a Tech Blogger

Tech write for us and blogging on technology also has different niches under it, like desktop OS in which mac, windows, and Linux are subtopics. You need to drill down deep into your specific niche and blog about a specific sub-topic to gain expertise and authority both in the eyes of readers and Google.


Become a Tech Blogger – Write for us

Blogging is so popular nowadays, that everyone wants to do it and make money on it. It is very easy but you got many competitors in this field. You have to compete very actively with your creative mind and innovation. By blogging, it means you have to present your ideas, personality, and opinion. Tech blogging is one type of blogging. Similarly, the smartphone is one type of topic under tech and under smartphone, iPhone then Cydia comes. You have to reach this deep to popularise your blogging. To make your blogging profitable, follow these 4 steps

Frequent update

Very 1st step for moving towards profits is uploading your blogs frequently. You need to be as active as possible in starting. Blogging requires a lot of time but if you want to become a profitable tech blogger you have to invest time in this tip. There’s no shortcut to these. It is also important to make the blog interesting and useful. You should at least post 5 blogs a day.

Be you

You don’t need to copy someone else’s blog. You are unique in your way. Let your personality show to everyone. Never ever forgot YOURSELF. No other person have access to your min, your creation, your ideas, it’s you show yourself. Give brand to your channel. Branding make you unique and make it as professional as possible. It includes your avatar and your picture on YouTube, your cover image, all your thumbnails. The whole look of your channel should message the thing you want to communicate to audience.

Recommend other bloggers

Make sure that you link the related influential bloggers and post in your own blog, if they link back, you’re tagging was successful. Also, don’t only link top-rated bloggers, this shows that you need attention and that’s why you link the popular bloggers. Link those small bloggers also who are not in the field so much, it has more chances that they link you or tag you back. This way you can make virtual social connections, which will edge yourself in the tech department.


The last and most important point is to hustle your face off. Yes, youtube is a ton of work, and starting a tech channel is definitely challenging. There’s a lot of rewards and there are a lot of cool things about being on youtube that are getting the free product and eventually making it your part-time or even full time as a career. But by no means, it is easy. You gotta pound the pavement, you gotta hustle. Everybody that started doing this started as a side hustle. Maybe you have a full-time job, you have other stuff to do or you got a man to do it. You have to use a single second for working on your brand, working on your channel, create new videos, connect new people on social media, reply the comments, do all the stuff that it takes to do.do it for the long haul, and for it, you need to do it and maintain your motivational spirit for 12-24 months. If you are passionate about it, you can do it.

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