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If you’re receiving calls from 312-386-7439, you’re not alone. Read what others have to say about Portfolio Recovery Associates calls, and then share your story. We rely on those across the U.S. – people just like you – to report their experiences with callers like Portfolio Recovery Associates. That’s how we’re able to pinpoint illegal callers and bring them to justice.

Harper commented about 312-386-7439 and 37 people upvoted his thought.

I don’t know how legit they are. They keep calling me for my ex-husband. I explained to them his debt is not mine and harassing me isn’t going to pay his debt. I also explained the divorce papers state anything in his name is his responsibility so legally I don’t have to pay. They keep harassing me because he won’t answer their calls. Not my problem. They stated it’s illegal to leave a message but sometimes they do so I don’t believe them. Isn’t it illegal to harass someone for somebody else’s debt? It’s annoying. I’m fed up with it. Going to take legal action soon. Oh! Did I mention they call me for my ex-husband’s brother’s debt who is deceased? I explained that as well. But they keep calling. His brother had money to pay the debt. The family just won’t do it. Not my problem.


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