16 Mobile Apps To Earn $500 to $1000+ Daily in 2023

Earning a full-time income by working from your phone is completely possible in 2023 thanks to mobile money-making apps. If utilized strategically, these apps allow you to earn $500, $1000 or even more daily. In this guide, we explore the top 16 money making apps across various categories from side hustles to investing from which … Read more

5 Remedies for a Slow Windows 10 PC

Slow Windows 10 PC

As of early 2021, Windows is the most common desktop operating system (OS) in the world, with over 75% of computers running it.  Popular as it is, though, it can cause headaches from time to time. Windows 10, in particular, tends to slow down over time, despite the multitude of amazing features it offers.  Luckily, … Read more

Can AI Replace Consultants?

AI - artificial intelligence

The consulting business is no small part of the economy. Business consultants make billions of dollars each year and provide more than 10 times that in value to the economy, insurance consultants are vital for both private persons and companies, and shopping consultants are almost necessary for any large shopping mall. All combined, it makes … Read more

Tips on Getting Started with your Own Accountancy Practice

Started With Your Own Accountancy Practice

Starting out can be daunting when you’re considering opening your own accountancy practice. There are many variables to take into consideration before you begin, and it’s important to get things right. Whether you’re recently qualified and just starting out or have some experience working as part of a larger organisation, here are some of the … Read more

Why You Should Never Use 123Movies

If you are an online streaming enthusiast, you are likely to have already come across 123movies. 123movies is simply a pirated torrent site that allows users to stream and download several movies, TV shows, and web series. Even more, 123movies will enable you to watch videos in HD quality too. One of the features that … Read more