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Is your organization struggling with failed or delayed projects? Maybe you are lacking the visibility that is crucial and important to make essential project decisions. There are times when you managing your project that you would appreciate a little guidance or help to achieve your desired success and profit. No doubt you can use some of the best project management tools, but nothing is as fruitful as a real-life example of project management. Real-life project management examples inspire you to discover solutions.

2023 Successful Project Management Examples (Updated)

Here are 5 examples of successful project management in 2023:

  1. Crossrail Project – Europe’s largest infrastructure project to build new railway lines under London. Despite delays and budget issues, the central section opened in 2022 with project management overcoming major challenges.
  2. Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Circuit – The racing circuit project completed on a challenging remote island site ahead of schedule. Strong governance and risk management ensured success.
  3. IMF Headquarters Renewal – Managing intricate phased renovation works while IMF continued operations. Completed under budget through collaborative contracting strategy.
  4. Treaty of Hudaydah – UN-brokered agreement between conflict parties in Yemen enabled humanitarian project delivery despite instability. Aid helped 4 million Yemenis due to effective coordination.
  5. Global Vaccine Distribution – UNICEF delivered over 1 billion Covid-19 vaccines to vulnerable countries in 2021-2022 through smart supply chain management. Planning simplified vaccine introduction for recipients.

Here are some real-life project-management examples that would help you to achieve your desired goal:

1. American Airlines

It’s merger with US Airwayscreated an overlap in technology programs. At one point they knew that spreadsheets were not sufficient for managing resources and projects that include complexity.

So to gain visibility into a wider divisional and global perspective, they started using portfolio and resource management for time entry, resource management, and capacity planning.

Project Management Examples

As a result, the airline achieved what it desired for. From capitalizing 10% of their IT labor to 20%, which equated to a multi-million-dollar net positive impact on their balance sheet.

In today’s date they have access to better and more reliable data to make critical decisions on projects and resources.

2. Flowserve

Flowserve is a large manufacturer with around 19000 employees working today. They wanted to drive new products in the market . For this they wanted to gain insights and growth to improve their decision making.

They were struggling to optimize productivity of labour, track project growth and control cost. With the help of portfolio and resource management, Flowserve has turned out to become nimble and is successful in delivering products in the market more quickly.

Also by using an automated gate review process, they are now better able to manage work in the pipeline and have gained speed time in market, which removes launch delays. This has also helped them to reduce cost and measure their performance and success more effectively.

3. Siemens Healthineers

Siemens healthineers manages around 100+ projects of various types (operations, new product development etc.) at any given time. With time they wanted to leverage the platform further to create a more robust system for handling and managing each project more successfully and nicely.

Siemens deployed the BrightWork Project Lite, Project standard and Project Structured templates to manage projects of different types and sizes. With the help of these, each and every project is initiated in a consistent way leading to creating better visibility.

Using Bright Work , managers can easily and clearly see the history and evolution & growth of the ongoing project milestones. If they find that their milestones are slipping and according to what they planned then they can easily take necessary steps to get them on track.

4. Triumph Group

Triumph Group is a global leader in aerospace manufacturing and overhauling aerospace, systems,and components founded in 1993.

In 2015-16 around the Group embarked on a company-wide transformation, which took it to the centralization of its processes and systems. The impact on project management was significant which led to the creation of the Project Management Office.

In starting, this PMO used SharePoint 2010 to capture various projects in line, which gave a better understanding of the portfolio of different projects.

But the PMO soon outgrew SharePoint as a stand-alone project management tool. Then the team opted to deploy BrightWork for many reasons that included integration, automation, and existing SharePoint expertise within Triumph.

With the implementation of BrightWork, the Group has seen many benefits including better governance, improved visibility and better & improved reporting.

5. Excellus Blue-cross Blue Shield

It has limited visibility into resource capacity as many decisions were based on inaccurate data. They gradually got knowledge of resource and management and used it to improve data quality and drive better project choice,

The results were great. Their timesheet submission rate improved to 99% , also now senior leaders have better and greater visibility into portfolios which ensures compliance.

With the portfolio properly aligned with the resource capacity, the health insurance is able to deliver work on time.

6. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The bank was lacking in establishing reliable and consistent data to inform financial and resource decisions.

They opted for resource and management to get consistency as they decommissioned 35 legacy systems, 50+ user-developed tools and many spreadsheets.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) project management examples

With data in different formats and hundreds of projects managed by various systems, they wanted to get a grip on their data to check their total portfolio more accurately and clearly.

Now they are able to deliver business cases and achieve ROI within 12 months. Along the way they have managed to reduce cost in business and improve transparency.

It’s not always easy and simple to drive change with speed and confidence. That is the reason smart companies always look for successful project management examples and learn how to achieve management goals by applying changes.

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