5 Innovations That Have Revolutionized Construction

Revolutionized Construction

The technological advances that have improved the construction industry are nothing short of mind-blowing. This industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the last ten to fifteen years, and it will continue to impress and inspire others to follow suit. There are several factors to acknowledge for this growth spurt but perhaps none more … Read more

Florida Man January 22

Florida Man

(Gray News) – A Florida man wanted to prove to his mother that he could be independent. If she wants to see him now, she will have to visit him at the Sumter County Jail. Hassan Alexander Campbell, 23, is charged with attempted robbery, battery, escaping and escaping after trying to detain a Circle K … Read more

Florida Man January 3

Florida Man

ST. SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida (WFTS / CNN) – A Florida resident is accused of assaulting a McDonald’s employee, reportedly through a straw. Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, spent New Year’s Day in jail on charges of two cases of simple beating and beating following a jail incident. St. Petersburg, Florida, McDonald’s. Police say the video shows … Read more

Florida Man April 30

Florida Man

A South Florida man was arrested after police said he called a pet store and threatened to open fire on employees inside. According to the arrest report, 66-year-old Jamie Militana called Puppies and Rescues, located at 8961 Taft Street in Pembroke Pines.He told his co-worker that he was upset about the puppies he bought from … Read more

Florida Man July 15

Florida Man

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department’s first murder investigation in 2018 began in late January – quite early in the year given that Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is essentially a 50,000-person golf course the annual homicide count rarely fails. one. At first, the case was conducted according to books. Victim: Alan J. Abrahamson. Favorite man, … Read more

Florida man October 24

Florida Man

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday at a Target store on charges of sexually assaulting Olaf’s stuffed doll from Disney’s hugely popular PG-rated Frozen movie. Cody Meader, 20, is accused of putting the popular snowman on the floor and “drying out” “until he finished” at a Pinellas Park store around 2:00 pm, according to an … Read more

Florida Man May 21

Florida Man

Reports say a Florida man was arrested Sunday after police said he climbed into a playground and shouted obscene words to children to describe how babies are born. Otis Davein Ryan, 30, allegedly climbed onto one of the children’s toys in the playground near Pier 60 in Tampa Bay and shouted to a group of … Read more

Florida Man April 5

Florida Man

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida man is behind bars after mistaking a 66-year-old tourist with Parkinson’s disease for a car thief. Kevin Mena, a 21-year-old Orlando native, is charged with battery and battery aggravated charges on a person 65 years of age or older. Authorities said Mena saw a man pull the handle … Read more

Florida Man July 25

Florida Man

St. Augustine: A Florida man, upset that a woman didn’t want to try his vape pen, was arrested after pointing a gun at a woman. The clash reportedly took place Friday morning at McDonald’s at 1 US Street in St. Augustine, where the woman works, according to the arrest report. She was out of business … Read more