What To Do With A New PC

What To Do With A New PC

Buying a new PC is always an exciting prospect. Lifting it out of its box and wondering what it’s going to be like when you turn it on for the first time is thrilling, but it can be equally daunting; after all, a PC essentially offers limitless possibilities, so what exactly should you do first? … Read more

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Magic: The Gathering

magic gatherings

Magic: The Gathering is a truly global phenomenon, with a rich history and a bright future. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore tournament grinder, there’s something for everyone in the game. Magic Was Created by Math Professor Richard Garfield in 1993 Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, was a math professor … Read more

A Guide to Buy a Smartwatch Cover

smartwatch cover

A cracked smartwatch screen is not just an eyesore but also compromises the watch’s value. However, the best watch covers can protect your screen from cracks and scratches the next time the watch falls. Screen protective cases and covers were at first associated with tablets and phones. But, thanks to the popularity of smartwatches, these … Read more

5 Must-Have Rugged Phones in 2021

Rugged Phones

Anyone who works in a mining field, farm, or construction site must have the toughest gears, clothes, and other equipment. Handy mobile phones are no exception. Although regular smartphones will work in harsh environments just fine, rugged phones are still the right tools for the job. Rugged phones are made tough and durable to take … Read more

How Developing Open Source Software can Help You

Open-source software is a software which you can use efficiently in your business to improve your services. Developers of the open-source software often decide to make public the source code of their software; hence community members can publish their software using an open license. As a result, other developers can see and access how to … Read more

Holographic Tech: The Future of Smartwatch

Holographic Tech

At the moment, the smartwatch is only as good as the phone it’s paired with. With the latest upgrades on the smartphone, wristwatches have now become slightly more than fashion statements, if they are worn. You can verify this by asking for the time during the day. Most likely, they will check their phones to tell you what the time is over their wrist.