Here’s How to Apply for Position in REIT

To apply for the position, read and submit form accordingly:

  • In the contact information section, provide your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number where you can be best reached.
  • For the employment history section, list out your most recent relevant sales or real estate related roles. Include company names, position titles, employment dates, and major responsibilities and achievements. Quantify results when possible.
  • Highlight any remote work experience you have in the job history section. Since this is a remote role, being able to work independently and using virtual tools is likely important.
  • In the skills section, include proficiencies most pertinent to the role such as sales, communication abilities, using CRM platforms, Microsoft Office suite, and any real estate investment knowledge.
  • Customize your cover letter to the specific REIT company and role to explain why you are interested and how your background aligns with their needs. Emphasize remote work suitability.
  • Attach an updated sales-focused resume that summaries your experience, skills, and quantifiable achievements. Include numbers to demonstrate your sales results.


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