How Does Cetaris Tracking Help Businesses to Innovate

Innovation can be difficult, especially in an age when new methods and technologies are introduced to the market almost every day. When so many concepts, new technologies, and established companies are in motion, how do you innovate?

You need help. To get your business off the ground, you need innovation support. 

Cetaris vehicle tracking assists other companies with innovation by providing software users with critical data that can keep their business running at a low cost as well as provide safety measures to their employees. 

Tracking the Reduction of Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are typically one of the largest expenses for a company. Cetaris enables firms to dramatically reduce their costs so that operations run more smoothly.

The truck fleet tracking software is one example. The software connects incoming data from thousands of vehicles, which enables the owner to predict and prevent major vehicle repairs. 

If a truck has a timing belt issue after the vehicle has been driven for eight hours straight at high elevation, the Cetaris software makes a record of this. If another truck experiences the same issue, this will also be noted by the software and a potential trend identified and communicated to the software user.

As further vehicles in the fleet face a similar condition, the driver or software user will be notified that it might be time for the driver to take a break, have a mechanic check the vehicle, or enact some other change.

Fuel Management

Gasoline prices are hovering near all-time highs, so firms that own a fleet are naturally looking for ways to save. It might seem insignificant to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon, but that becomes a substantial savings when a fleet of hundreds or thousands of vehicles is on the highways for hundreds of miles per day.

Cetaris software can detect when and where a vehicle gets its best gas mileage, the same as it does for possible maintenance issues. Many factors can contribute to the results, including elevation, speed, cruise control, and weight distribution in the vehicle.

Warranty Reimbursement

Have you ever purchased an expensive item from Walmart or an electronics store that came with a warranty option? In most cases, if you accepted the warranty, it was valid for only twenty minutes.

Your warranty wasn’t invalid; you just forgot about it. Even if the item broke down a month later, the warranty purchase was unlikely to get used.

Most vehicles carry a variety of warranties that cover an array of mileages, lengths of time, and other uses. In some cases, recalls are also based on mileage.

The responsibility of keeping track of all these details can be complex and time consuming. Cetaris automatically keeps track of all this information and alerts the driver when one is nearing the end of its lifetime.

In this way, you could save thousands of dollars on repairs and your company can stay up to date on free or inexpensive maintenance.

The Future of the Technology

The future of vehicle maintenance is rapidly approaching the point where major vehicle repairs, warranty usage, and gas efficiency will all be executed in the most efficient manner possible, whether it’s done with Cetaris or not.

What if the technology went beyond vehicles? Could it be also used in a phone that has GPS and gives health updates

Perhaps it could be incorporated into running shoes to alert the runner when shin splints might be imminent. There are endless possibilities.

The only real question might be: When will these other functions materialize?

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