Catch the Best iPhone X Deals Plus Your Favorite Gadgets

The iPhone does not fall short in this regard as it has in its stock tons of outstanding devices that any iPhone user would find useful. So, did you get your first iPhone? That’s pretty cool.

The iPhone is arguably one of the premium and best-selling phones in the world. It is expected that such a top-notch phone would come with the right gadgets to accompany its brand. The iPhone does not fall short in this regard as it has in its stock tons of outstanding devices that any iPhone user would find useful. So, did you get your first iPhone? That’s pretty cool. Now, sit back as we review fantastic gadgets that can add extra fun-filled experience in your iPhone journey.

·         The Mophie Wireless Charging Base

This gadget is a recent addition to the iPhone X catalog of premium gadgets. None of us loves being faraway from phones. But sometimes, you can’t just help it. Due to a rundown of battery, you will need a power outlet to boost your phone. It gets worse if there is no immediate power source to charge your phone. This is one challenge Apple seeks to solve by bringing your iPhone closer to you, ensuring you’re never out of power. With a 7.5-watt power, this device comes inbuilt with fast-charge capabilities. Now, your iPhone can stay long hours with a full battery bar still in place.

·         The Merge VR Headset

Apple has always discussed bringing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) closer to iPhone users. With this device, it made an accelerated move towards achieving its stated objective. The Merge VR is one of the best-known headsets for the iPhone. Its flexible and comfortable build is one of its key features, made possible through the silicon material it is designed from. That means you can use this device for long hours without feeling strained from usage. Its adjustable lenses mean that you can move your iPhone whatever range you deem fit.

·         Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Not everyone is a fan of listening to music in-ears. Some others prefer a studio kind of headphones—everyone with their own choices. Apple has got everybody covered with this top-notch device. Considered one of the best headphones in this Beats line of products, this device comes with a W1 chip and an excellent noise-cancellation feature. The battery life is one of its striking features that win users over. With the noise-canceling mode activated, this headphone can last a minimum of 22 hours. Without the noise-canceling mode, then you have about 40 hours on your battery life. Your music-listening experience has never felt this good. It’s worthy to note that this headphone comes in various color variants. We have the matte black, shadow grey, white, red, blue, and porcelain rose. That’s a lot of cool colors to choose from.

·         The Anker Powerline + Lightning Cable

You would never know the importance of an extra cable until you need one urgently, and none is available. The Anker range of lightening cables is nothing but fabulous. They are durable and sturdy, and if you own one, you would never have to worry about buying cables now and then. They come packaged in double nylon braids for protection against electric shock and other hazards. The extra wrap also assures you of its durability. The variety of these cable lengths and their colors on offer is just splendid. With a classy pouch, you no longer worry about your Cable getting all tangled up. Although with its extra layer of protection, the chances of this happening are zero.  

·         The Waterfield iPhone Camera Bag

Waterfield decided to do something unusual – create a camera bag dedicated to iPhone photography.  And of course, it has become a big hit with photography enthusiasts. This bag comes with all the features of a DSLR camera bag – the separate pouches for external lenses, the cushiony internal padding to act as a shock absorber, and other excellent features. The ability to wear the bag, just like a fanny pack is my all-time favorite.

·         Airpods

We cannot end this list without talking about the Apple Airpods. Apple released this innovative product alongside the iPhone X, and it has gone ahead to change our way of listening to music. It delivers music on the go, meaning you can’t miss out on your favorite tunes. Its active noise cancellation is exceptional. And now, the new update currently released by Apple gives the speakers extra cool features.


Finally, it’s not enough to have a stand-alone experience with the iPhone X. There are tons of cool gadgets out there to add to the overall experience. Get yourself one.