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Age cannot define our taste when it comes to ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. There are a lot of people apart from children who love to watch cartoons and watch anime videos/movies.

Today, kids are not the only ones who watch cartoons, the patrons of this enchanting trend fall under the umbrella of a bewildering range of age groups after the anime took control.

Undoubtedly, cartoons have a fascinating soft corner in our hearts; they are the best stress buster for all age groups.

Nowadays there are many online streaming sites that have a lot of cartoons available. Thanks to the internet, one can relive the good childhood days by watching and downloading cartoons anytime and anywhere.

CartoonCrazy is a popular add-on to such sites that enables parents of all ages to find and stream children’s cartoons and other TV programs. It’s an amazing site to stream and download cartoons and anime series.

What is CartoonCrazy?

Just like anime land or Gogoanime website, CartoonCrazy is also among the dozens of websites that allow one to stream and download famous cartoons and anime. The site gives you the latest and the old cartoons and anime links to download.

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What makes this platform special is that you can stream all your favorite cartoon on this platform absolutely free and without signing up for the website.

The site is extremely easy to use. On the site, you will encounter an easy and simple interface to explore without much confusion. Moreover the layout of the site is very catchy and easy to access for the little ones as well. This is compelling as it engages your child for hours through its amazing content list.

How to Access?

At the home page you will see a line categorizing sorts of content that it provides. ( example- cartoon list , anime dubbed and select genre) .

Below this line you will see on the left side of the page a list separated via categories including recently uploaded contents as well ( like new cartoon series, new anime series, latest episodes etc.)

Moreover, on the right side of the page you can easily navigate the trending shows .

Setbacks of the Site

Being a free resource of streaming and downloading cartoons and anime, the fact is true that the site is a priacy website.

As per the strict rules of the government over anti-piracy, the website is no longer available because it is banned in INDIA.

CartoonCrazy is not legal as they do not own any of the content that they publish on their website.

So it violates the copyright issues and the website might get shut down in future. These websites are always under the radar but they change their domain to avoid getting caught.

This platform is continuing to share illegal content links through various domains.

Currently it is shared through this Cartooncrazy net.

But one should be careful while browsing this site to avoid unwanted punishments and to keep your device free from corrupted files.

To Access the Site or Not?

You might be thinking whether CartoonCrazy is safe to use or not. Well, you do not have to worry about anything as the website is secure. It has millions of active traffic on its website without any stress.

The website shows ads on their page to generate revenue to maintain servers. So you might have to watch these ads before starting the video.

Links to Access CartoonCrazy

As torrent sites are banned in India and a lot of other countries, hence  .com domains of such websites aren’t accessible because they’re blocked. But you can still access cartooncrazy using mirror links given below:


Alternatives to CartoonCrazy


·   Watch Cartoon Online – There are a wide selection of Western cartoons at this platform including classics as 101 dalmatians , The Simpsons , Scooby Doo etc.

·   Youtube It is the most famous and used platform in the world.It is a complete bundle of cartoons once you browse for.

·   Kiss cartoon Kiss cartoon is the most amazing website without any doubt. If you are looking for a customized cartoon website, you can watch this website.

·   5 Movies It’s another best site for classic films , cartoons, series and even for films released recently. The library covers everything from oriental drama to American  cartoons as well as films.

·   9anime 0anime offers the user with the best online watch anime calibre you can see in HD.

·   Anime Toon It is the most famous website that provides you with lots of animated cartoon series and dubbed movies without any cost.

Some others are:

·   Kim Cartoon

·   Anime Rhino

·   Cartoons On

·   Nickelodeon

·   Hulu Anime

·   Toon Jet

Above is the list of the platform where you would get the list of the platform alike where you can get the unlimited streaming of the cartoons and anime online.

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