5 Reasons to Consider Influencer Marketing for Your Company

Did you know that Generation Z, people in the 16 to 23 age range, are the most open to influencer marketing? But while that age demographic is most receptive, that doesn’t mean this type of marketing can’t be effective with consumers outside of this market segment.

Investing in influencer marketing can help your business create more profound stories and meaningful connections with consumers. It’s a form of digital marketing that can reap dividends.

Here’s a look at five reasons to include influencer marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Achieve a Solid Return on Investment

One reason to try influencer marketing is that it can generate a considerable return on investment. When you earmark funds for marketing, you want to get a return. One source notes that six in 10 marketers say influencer marketing leads to a more significant ROI than traditional advertising. So, if you haven’t tried influencer marketing and want to stretch your marketing dollars further, now’s as good a time as any to investigate how it can benefit your business. 

While you could conduct research and find an influencer independently, working with an influencer marketing agency will make your job much easier. It will partner your business with the right influencer. Don’t underestimate the importance of finding the right influencer.

2. Build Brand Awareness

You can count on an influencer to increase brand awareness. That’s especially the case if you’re working with the right influencer. And don’t think that you need celebrities to back your products. Many consumers prefer non-celebrity influencers over celebrity influencers. The former is often seen as being more relatable, genuine, and trustworthy.

When you get an influencer on board, you’ll have access to their followers. That’s why you must enlist the help of influencers who are a natural fit. The influencer should be a logical customer — and the influencer’s followers should be logical customers as well. 

According to one source, 46% of customers usually purchase from familiar brands. So, if they recognize your brand, see your unique value proposition, and trust you’ll deliver on what you promise, they’re more likely to continue patronizing you. The same source notes that 64% of consumers have an emotional bond with their favorite brands. An influencer can help make your brand more recognizable and get your followers to feel an emotional connection. It’s about telling a compelling story uniquely and authentically while offering a solution to a problem.

3. Kickstart the Customer Journey

An influencer will introduce their followers to your brand. It might be the first time their followers have heard of your brand. An influencer can make the first time count. Consumers will associate your brand with something popular since it’s being promoted by an influencer they trust. You can count on the influencer to communicate the product’s benefits, explain why they’re personally involved, and answer many of the questions their followers might have.

4. Increase Audience Engagement

Influencers can also increase audience engagement. People who might otherwise ignore ads or marketing will be more willing to consume content from influencers they trust. Followers might also share content they find interesting and helpful with other people they know — and these people may do the same.

5. Offers Opportunities for Better Storytelling

Working with an influencer will afford opportunities for more meaningful storytelling. According to one survey, 85% of consumers rank user-generated content above brand-created content. So, they’re more likely to value content written by an influencer they’re familiar with and whose recommendations they value than content from a company promoting its products and services. 

It’s in your company’s best interests to consider working with an influencer who is a good fit. You’ll be able to target consumers who fit your ideal customer profile. Again, there are advantages to hiring a digital marketing company that works with influencers.

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