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The modernization of the traditional slot machine has been a highly discussed subject in recent years. This is mainly due to successful advancements in technology which has witnessed a notable upsurge in the presence of online slot machines. Whilst the traditional slot machine will most likely always have a universal appeal, it is interesting to observe how not only it is making its way into the virtual field of gaming, but also how it is extremely successful in doing so.

The evolution of the slot machine can be traced from its mechanical origins to its virtual presence in the online gambling sphere in the form of online slots. The first slot machine was created in New York and required players to physically pull a lever, and five drums within the machine would rotate to reveal a randomized poker hand. This invention obligated players to physically be present in the location of the slot machine. After this, the notion of digitisation was put into practice as the mid-1970s witnessed the emergence of the video slots whereby players could visualise the spinning reels on the digital screen. 

Since then, there has been the birth of online casino sites in the 1990s. Whilst at the time this move appeared to be a risky one, the online gaming industry has beheld a complete overhaul in terms of popularity and players. This is because with the co-existing evolution of technology has allowed games to become more advanced, now including features and jackpot slot games as well as different themes, which ensures that each player will find a game that they like.  As slot machines generate between 65%-80% of the revenue that casinos make, it is evident that there is a huge market for online slots as there is notable and growing public interest in the activity. It is also an industry that is gaining the attention of several potential investors and software developers. Initially, online casinos only featured blackjack and roulette, but over time, slots were added to this virtual landscape. In fact, after a while players actually preferred playing slot games online more than they did in real life. 

There are a number of reasons for this public displacement of favour from land based slot games to online slots. Firstly, as traditional slot games are in a physical space, there are limitations to the variety and types of slots that you can play. With online slots, there is an uncapped amount of games you can choose from as they are located in a virtual location and are able to be accessed immediately. These types of slot games also allow players to choose between a variety of themes, pay lines, and reels. Another advantage of the online version of these slots is that you will not be required to adhere to any sort of dress code which is a factor that may dissuade players from going to a land based casino.

When online casinos were established in the 1990s, there was a widespread panic that virtual casinos would be an isolating activity with no chance for connecting with others as one would in a land based casino. However, with online casinos and slots, you do not have to sacrifice social interaction to play as they provide opportunities to chat with others in forums and in chat rooms. Furthermore, online slots offer many rewards to players that would not be offered when you play on physical slot machines. Networked casinos provide the opportunities to win big rewards and potentially reap rewards and withdraw money from progressive jackpots. The future of online slot games is looking bright as improved graphics also contribute to a more immersive and positive user experience. The visual features on these online slot games have evolved from the traditional fruit symbols that were a hallmark of the conventional form of the slot machine. There are also the presence of sound effects in these virtual games which fit in with the theme of the game you are playing. Again, these features contribute to a successful world building attempt which leads to a positive gambling escape.

To conclude, we can track the slot machine from its humble beginnings to its triumphant global online presence. The success of online slots can be tied to the games ability to adapt and evolve from a physical and traditional game to one that can thrive on an online platform. Even if you are somewhat of a traditionalist, there is no denying that there are certain benefits you can claim from playing slots in an online environment. In this virtual climate, not only can you enjoy the standard and conventional features of the common slot machine, you can also enjoy the bonuses, visual graphics and interactive qualities that the online slots provide.

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